The European Continental Alliance, also referred to as Europe, the Alliance or simply ECA, is a military alliance between several European states.

The ECA was introduced in version 1.8 and focuses on formidable defenses, a variety of of artillery, and prototype systems.


Europe has long tried to stay relevant in the modern world. Following World War II, politics shifted away from the former colonial empires to the new superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union, with Europe acting as the middle-man. When the USSR collapsed, the already established European Union expanded eastward to incorporate former Warsaw Pact members, much to the chagrin of the new Russian Federation. But the EU still remained under the influence, and as some would say, under the authority of the United States.

Eventually the EU leaders decided enough was enough and that being, split apart as seperate political entities as they were not going to sustain them in the long term. They were already practically united by the Union, the European Economic Area and the Schengen Area, so plans were made to transform the Union into a de jure super-federation under a single sovereign entity, the Brussels-based central institutions. Instead, secret plans were drawn as polls showed this was not a popular plan.

But the EU leaders did it anyway. The Treaty of Vienna was signed in 2023 that transformed the EU into a single country, and its former nations would over the years be reduced to mere rubber stamps representatives of the new regions in the country. The people of Europe were not happy. While rioting was rather common in modern Europe, it soon escalated out of proportion as people took to the streets, protesting the new oppressive regime. The European Domestic Security Directorate, created by the former German chancellor Juergen Burkhard, cracked down on the protestors in ways reminiscent of the Nazi SS. Several countries descended into civil war, regions broke away from the governments, and the entire British Isles left the Union years before the Hope and Glory Party won the elections.

Then the Global Liberation Army showed up in 2028. They wreaked the entire German infrastructure, ruined the European economy and put a scar on the western world that would last forever. Thankfully, the People's Republic of China showed up and drove the invaders away. In the chaos, the EU's opposition sealed the deal and overthrew many of the governments. The French Sixth Republic was declared, the Dutch royal family took control of the Netherlands, the German four-party 'Europakoalition' was arrested by the Bundeswehr, and the European Union was all but dead.

To help rebuild Europe after the insurrection, China strongarmed a transcontinental hegemony called the Eurasian Unity League. The Europeans received billions of renminbi, which they spent on resources from the resurgent Russian Federation, now lead by one Nikolai Suvorov, greatly strengthening Russia's economy. The new European leadership decided that the Union was dead, but they couldn't go back to becoming bickering nation-states in a world of superpowers. Instead they proposed the creation of a multinational alliance, called the European Continental Alliance. It was finally founded in 2034, coinciding with the dissolution of the Unity League (the ECA naturally promised to repay their debt). The countries in Eastern Europe were snubbed by the ECA, blocked out by a 'concrete curtain' built by Willem van der Meer.

Three years later the ECA took revenge on the GLA by initiating Operation 'Nemesis', invading and liberating North Africa from their clutches. This kickstarted the African Resource Rush that saw the continent chalked up and occupied by foreign powers in a race to control the last rare earth deposits on the planet. The GLA retreated to Central Africa, where they launched several attacks on Russian outposts in Sudan. Russia was forced to retreat, blaming it on the Europeans who failed to come to assistance when one of their generals promised to.

In 2039 the European Space Agency launched the first Solaris satellite into orbit, powering up their first Solar Reactor in Spain. This bypassed the ECA's necessity to import fuel and raw materials from Russia to power their cities, as one Solar Reactor could power an entire country on its own. This triggered a slight economic crisis in Russia, and in 2044 they suffered one of the driest and warmest summers in history, losing many crops to wildfires. Suvorov outright blamed the ECA for using the Solaris technology as a weapon, and hostilities between the two superpowers intensified.

In mid-2045 however, Russia could strain itself no longer and declared war on the European Continental Alliance. The Russian forces, spearheaded by Generals Aleksandr, Orlov and Zhukov, drove through Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, getting slightly bogged down in the Be-Ne-Lux countries, failed an invasion of England repelld by General Charles Cutting, and made it halfway through France before a nuclear attack put their advance to a halt. Now, with the United States backing them, the ECA are ready to drive the remaining Russians out of Europe for good.


The ECA is a very defensive oriented faction, bearing some of the most sophisticated equipment in the entire war. While toe to toe with USA armies, the ECA has met much difficulty in the recent months with the Russian Federation and have become experts at defense.

Ranging from fortifications and bunkers to weapon emplacements, the Alliance is not without its offensive capabilities, mainly in the form of long ranged ballistics; The ECA utilizes some of the best artillery systems and even sport some of the longest ranged weapons in the world. This allows the Europeans to outrange their foes who do risk walking through deadly minefields, and raining mortar and artillery shells, and those who survive would be finished off by their hardy soldiers.

Their tactics include the popular saying - Defense is the best Offense from which they dig in, letting the enemy come to them before unleashing a vicious counter-attack; Mainly in the form of tough armor and rigiorous air support, while backed by the odd experimental, namely the Pandora.


The ECA relies not so much on its soldiers but on fielding a variety of deadly defenses that will surely meet any attacking adversary. From the humble Bunker to long ranged Mortar Pits, accessing these would require the Kommadant to switch building modes for his Excavators.

If that isn't enough to put the enemy's advance to a halt, the Europeans specialize in fielding the most powerful artillery batteries in the game. Softening up targets, from a large radius, so on-field defenses may finish them off.

Should the enemy threaten the ECA with their Superweapons - the Kommandant can field specialised Marksman FACs to relay targeting data for on-site artillery to pummel to kingdom come, as a grim reminder on how far those big guns can reach.

In desperate situations, the ECA has access to non-lethal agents and can heavily bombard the enemy with tear gas canisters effectively crippling an entire army before the battle even starts.

Garrisons also play a role in preserving european infantry. Almost all of their infantry gain a combat bonus when garrisoned inside a building. This tactic should be a staple in all ECA build order, regardless of map. If buildings aren't available, then they will rely on their Dozers to build cheap pillboxes in critical choke-points. This makes the ECA incredibly powerful in urban maps.

The ECA gains a huge power spike in the mid game, after you build the Telecom Relay and several towers. Late game is when the ECA has almost complete map control, being able to launch aggressive counterattacks behind their impenetrable frontline.

The ECA also fields 3 experimental protocols, each with it's own unique twist on gameplay, unlocked through the general protocol.

  • The Venom protocol turns the ECA into a living nightmare for any enemy without anti infantry support. This protocol allows for the construction of armored jet-pack troopers. Not only does it allow an ECA player to swarm the enemy with these powerful juggernauts but it also increases the speed of all infantry and gives the Felins a 25% damage bonus. This upgrade allows ECA to infantry rush the enemies base, the Felin + Medic combo proves incredibly hard to stop unless put up against anti-infantry weapons:microwave tanks, flash-bangs, Nuclear (Nuke Cannon, Nuclear Hans Gunship) weapons or biological agents (Toxin Tractor).
  • The Manticore protocol is much more expensive compared to the Venom in the long run, fielding mainly expensive tanks, but if you have a stable economy or a large stockpiles of tanks to begin with, this upgrade is probably best. This upgrade allows Tanks (Leopards, Jagdmmammut) to equip either Nano armor, which grants them a 25% armor bonus, or the Hydrogen fuel cells, which grants them a 25% speed bonus. This path allows you to pick a Blitzkrieg route, fielding frontline Leopolds and Jagdmammuts with hydrogen fuel cells making fast, reoccurring attacks, before the enemy can react, or allow you to create a army of Juggernauts that cannot be stopped without the help of superweapons.
  • The Pandora protocol is the most defensive of all 3 protocols. It allows fielding of the Pandora artillery vehicle, lobbing nuclear devices over a large range. This also converts the Tear gas strike to Nerve gas strike, effectively stopping both vehicles and infantry, and the Smart bomb into a neutron bomb. It also increases the duration and radius of the Solar Burst, effectively making this path the most "turtle" of all 3, promoting defensive game play with aggressive constructing of super weapons.


  • There is little ECA can do about units that outrange their defenses, especially if you field anti air units along with them. A combo of Nuke cannons or Inferno cannons with Gatling Tanks mixed is incredibly strong against the ECA.
  • Rushing is definitely strong, if you can outmacro the opponent. Keep in mind that their Field Command can be garrisoned, creating an annoying obstacle in the middle of their base. Its better to cripple their economy since the ECA has incredibly cost inefficient tanks to begin with and they have a hard time removing units who break through the frontline.
  • Superweapons, assuming you can get one up and running before they build their Solaris relay. Keep in mind after they build 2 Solaris Relays, they have absolute control over the map due to their quick charge time and huge amount of burst damage.
  • Watch out for Marksmen snooping round the perimeter of your base. It is wise to site anti-air to prevent them from tagging your buildings, especially your superweapon.
  • There is little the ECA can do to retake land, fielding expensive and long to build units.