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A Eurofighter in training.

EU EuroFighter 2.1
The Angel of Death

European Continental Alliance


Support Aircraft


Tear gas rounds
Nerve gas rounds
Cluster Bombs
Free fall Bombs

The Eurofighter is one of the few surviving ECA fixed wing aircraft now being used for tactical air support requiring special clearance.


With most of the continental airbases destroyed in the initial strategic bombing campaign launched by the Russian Federation, fixed-wing aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, a 4.5 generation jet fighter that was first conceived in the mid-1980s, have become a rare commodity for the ECA. Most of the remaining planes now operate from converted motorways as well as distant, still intact bases in Britain, Ireland, Spain or Portugal and can only be called upon under unique circumstances. ECA commanders with the necessary clearance can call in irritating tear gas and cluster strikes that can saturate large areas thanks to the use of a unique munitions dispenser pod mounted underneath the aircraft. However due to equipment shortages, Eurofighters that operate from a civilian airstrip have to make do with ordinary free-fall bombs for their strike missions.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Eurofighter acts as the main bomber jet of the ECA, performing precision strikes and dropping off canisters of tear gas. Unlike most other support aircraft, the Eurofighter is never targeted by enemy units, as it moves too fast for them to be able to target it effectively.


Faction arsenalEdit

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