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The subject of this article is currently only available in the beta version of Rise of the Reds.
Please note that the information may change rapidly as the mod's development progresses.
Enforcer icon
The Enforcer is an anti-structure Tier 2 infantry utilized by the United States of America, added in 1.87 and is available once the Strategy Center is built.




Ability Description
Time fused grenades icon
Time Fused Grenades
Switch to standard time-fused grenades that detonates about 5 seconds after impact.
Proximity grenades icon
Proximity Grenades
Switch to proximity-triggered grenades that detonates after 18 seconds or when an enemy ground unit comes in contact with it.
Call drone airlifter icon
Call in a Drone Airlifter
Call in a Drone Airlifter on the Enforcer.
Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.