ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) is a tier 2 upgrade available to Russian Federation.

Description Edit

Russian tanks are famous in the world for their superior firepower and impressive armor. However, Russian commanders can increase their already powerful armor by installing Explosive Reactive Armor on them. This armor is manufactured and stored in Russian Industrial Plants, and can be installed on tanks upon command. It provides tanks more resistance against anti-tank weapons, such as rockets, explosives and tank shells.

Once it is installed, tanks get

  • 30% more resistance against missile weapons
  • 30% more resistance against explosive blasts
  • 10% more resistance against tank shells

GLA can also acquire ERA from salvage crates left by Russian vehicle wrecks, through Recyclers. Once Russian basic salvage is acquired, GLA can equip its tanks with this stolen improvised reactive armor. However, since this armor is obtained from destroyed wrecks, it is of low quality and only provides 20% resistance against explosive blasts and missiles and 10% resistance against tank guns.

Gallery Edit


Grizzly (top), Mauler (mid) and Kodiak (bottom) without ERA


Grizzly (top), Mauler (mid) and Kodiak (bottom) with ERA


Golem (left) and Sentinel (right) without ERA


Golem (left) and Sentinel (right) with ERA

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