Prepare for signal distortion!
- ECM Tank leaving the War Factory
Ecm tank icon
The ECM Tank is a Chinese support vehicle redesigned by General Jin, capable of deflecting incoming enemy missiles and disrupting enemy communications.


Missiles won't get through.
- ECM Tank

While Chinese commanders were impressed with the utility of the ECM Tank in the last war, some of the membership of the Chinese high command felt it had under-performed when facing the greatest threat to the Iron Dragon, the anti-tank missile. As such, its makers were requested to develop a greatly improved design, and this they have delivered on, vastly increasing the percentage of missiles and rockets that are successfully neutralised by the tank's jammers. As a side effect of the increased power, the new ECM Tank model also possesses the ability to carry out full-spectrum blackouts on an area, totally disrupting enemy communications. However, one of the side effects of the broad-spectrum requirements was that the new antennae could no longer direct the same amount of power into a specific area, meaning that the ECM Tank no longer possesses the ability to completely disable a single target.


Ability Description
Ecm tank overcharge jammer icon
Overcharge Jammer
Overcharges the ECM Tank's jammer, extending its jamming radius by 20%, causes the jammer to disable enemy vehicles and prevents enemies from targeting anything in the jammer's radius, but gradually damages the ECM Tank by 10% of its hit points per second while active.
Automatically stopped when the ECM Tank is at 33% hit points remaining.
Propaganda spotlight icon
Propaganda Spotlight
Highlights the vehicle to inspire others, causing it to generate Horde Bonus at all times for 30 seconds (45 seconds with Nationalism). The vehicle also automatically repairs itself at a rate of 24 hit points per second while Propaganda Spotlight is active. 60 seconds cooldown.
With Nationalism the vehicle will also be completely repaired upon Propaganda Spotlight's activation.

Requires War Propaganda.


Shut their systems down!
- ECM Tank blocking enemy communications

The new ECM Tank continues from where its predecessor left off, defending China's tank columns from enemy missiles. The new ECM has a better chance of deflecting incoming missiles compared to the older model but it can not deflect artillery rockets like that of GLA's BM-21 Grad's rockets.

The ECM Tank can also overcharge its jammer to block enemy communications in a moderate radius around it. It causes the tank to deploy a "green sphere" around it and any enemy vehicle entering the sphere becomes disabled after a while and it prevents enemies from attacking that area. The sphere also increases the missile jamming radius of the ECM Tank. Entering this sphere has quite a dramatic effect on enemy aircraft - it causes them to cease functioning, resulting in them crashing instantly. This ability causes the ECM Tank to damage itself and will stop overcharging its jammer until it is at 33% health.

The tank itself is completely unarmed and has to rely on other units to protect itself. As a result its horde bonus does not effect the unit itself but helps to stack with other Chinese vehicles.


The ECM Tank reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Zero Hour.


  • Originally the ECM Tank was supposed to be an exclusive unit to General Mau (as the INI file is named "SpecWep_ECMTank.ini"), but it was reassigned to General Jin because the ECM Tank did not fit well into General Mau's doctrine.

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