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Logo-eca A breakdown of upgrades available to the base ECA faction as of RotR v1.86:

Tier 0Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact

Recon Helicopter

500 Region Command, Field Command
Attack Helicopter
500 Region Command
Armory Expansion
1500 Barracks
  • Equips Felins with starstreak missile launcher.
  • Allows Felins to attack aircraft.
  • Panzerfausts become able to fire vacuum warheads to clear garrisons.

Tier 1Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Revolver Cannons
1500 Solar Reactor
  • 15% Faster rate of fire on auto cannons.
Ceramic Armor
1000 Solar Reactor
  • 25% Increased toughness for infantry.
  • 125% Increased toughness for Attack Dogs.
Armor Skirts
1000 Solar Reactor
Shredder Canister Round
1000 Solar Reactor
  • Allows Leopards to fire canister rounds.
  • Allows Mortar Pits to fire canister mortar - rounds.
  • Allows Pioneers to fire canister mortar rounds
Repair Specialist
1000 Solar Reactor

Tier 2Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Battle Network
1500 Research Facility
Cluster Munitions
2500 Research Facility
  • Artillery and mortar shells contain cluster bombs.
  • 25% Increased damage for artillery and mortar shells.
Gas Ignition Rounds
2000 Research Facility
  • 25% Increased range for ECA Tank guns.
Tear Gas Rounds
1000 Research Facility
Manticore Protocol
2000 Research Facility

(You can only choose one protocol.)

Pandora Protocol
2000 Research Facility
  • Allows production of a single Pandora Artillery.
  • Allows production of Fenris Cryo-Tanks.
  • Smart Bomb becomes Neutron Bomb.
  • Tear Gas Strike becomes Nerve Gas Strike.
  • Upgrades Solar Bursts to cover a much larger area.

(You can only choose one protocol.)

Venom Protocol
2000 Research Facility

(You can only choose one protocol.)

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