Logo-ecaGenerals Promotion unlocks available to commanders of the European Continental Alliance.

One Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
Prepared Defences
- - Prioritize this sector for heightened defence.
  • Unlocks secondary abilities for defensive structures.
  • Unlocks Fortified Fortification Upgrade.
  • Unlocks Vehicle Digout.
Ammunition Reserves
- - Grants access to additional ammunition.
Field Promotion
2:30 - Instantly promote a chosen group of units.
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Tear Gas Strike
3:00 - Allow deployment of non-lethal chemical irritants.
  • These agents severely reduce combat effectiveness.
  • Unlocks Tear Gas Strike
  • Unlocks Tear Gas Rounds Upgrade

Three Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
Commando Insertion
4:00 Drop 5 Commandos and a Fennek by plane.
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Smart Bomb
4:00 - Calls a Vulcan Bomber to drop a single smart bomb.
  • Does not detonate unless enemy units are present.
  • Becomes a mine if not detonated on impact.
  • Deploy from: Region Command
4:00 Calls in a Pegasus Helicopter mine layer.
  • Scatters mines over a large area.
  • Rank 1: Anti-Personel Mines
  • Rank 2: Anti-Tank Mines
  • Rank 3: Multi-Purpose Mines
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Bulldog Turret
3:00 - Allows the activation of a hidden Bulldog turret.
  • Rank 1: Gun Turret
  • Rank 2: Gun & Rocket Turret
  • Rank 3: Gun, Rocket & AA Missile Turret
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Bomblet Strike
5:00 - Calls in a Eurofighter airstrike.
  • Will saturate an area with Bomblets.
  • Rank 1: 1 Eurofighter
  • Rank 2: 2 Eurofighters
  • Rank 3: 3 Eurofighters
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Emergency Repair
4:00 - Provides immediate aid in a target area.
  • Heals infantry and repair units and structures.
  • Rank 1: 5 seconds of aid
  • Rank 2: 10 seconds of aid
  • Rank 3: 20 seconds of aid
  • Deploy from: Region Command

Five Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
Grand Slam Bomb
6:00 - Call in a Victor Bomber to deploy a powerful seismic bomb.
  • Heavily damages structures and stuns vehicles.
  • Deploy from: Region Command
Battlefield Prototypes
- - Permission to initiate prototype research protocols.
  • You can only choose one protocol per game and it cannot be changed.

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