The most stringent of protocols, enacted when the ECA was on the brink of defeat in southern France. Seeing such measures as the only means of preventing utter annihilation, ECA high-command unleashed their most destructive weapons in their possession. Commanders who request access to this protocol obtain Neutron Bombs delivered by improved Vulcan Strategic Bombers as a replacement for any Smart Bomb runs, as well as Nerve Gas weaponry dropped from airstrikes in place of Tear Gas. In choosing this protocol, the ECA's most fearsome artillery weapon, the Pandora, is made available, Upgrades Solar Bursts to cover a much larger area, and specialized Fenris Cryo-Tank can be requisitioned.



Support Call-insEdit

  • Nerve Gas (replaces "Tear Gas" call-in). Kills enemy infantry and de-pilots vehicles, leaving them empty and ready for capture.
  • Neutron Bomb (replaces "Smart Bomb" call-in). Nuclear weapon, killing infantry and de-piloting any vehicles that aren't destroyed in the initial explosion. Resulting radiation field kills infantry for a short time afterwards.


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