Unit Cost Produced at Requires Description
Harrier icon
$1500 Deployment Zone None Multirole VTOL fighter.
  • Armed with dual cannons and missiles.
    • Attacks ground and air targets with cannons.
    • Attacks air targets with missiles.
  • Does not need to return to airfields.
  • Can disperse chaff countermeasures to break missile locks.
Tiger gunship icon
Tiger Gunship
$1400 Deployment Zone None Attack helicopter.
  • Armed with rocket pods and Starstreak missiles.
    • Attacks ground targets with the rockets.
    • Attacks air targets with the Starstreak missiles.
  • Can deploy anti-air Icarus mines.
Marksman fac icon
Marksman FAC
$900 Deployment Zone None Scout/support helicopter.
  • Mark enemies with a targeting laser to increase the firing rate of friendly units attacking the marked target.
  • Detects stealthed enemies.
  • Can mark targets to be bombarded by Howitzer Positions across the map.

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