The EC640 helicopter is available to an ECA commander in either a radar suite or armed light combat variant, performing base surveillance or defense respectively. The unit cannot be ordered to move, as it remains in proximity to it parent structure. Only one helicopter can be supported per structure, and it will be lost if that structure it is attached to is destroyed.


The Eurocopter EC640 is a light-weight helicopter primarily designed by French engineers. Specifically conceived as a patrol reconnaissance and AWACS aircraft, it is equipped with a sophisticated sensor pod that houses a variety of passive and active radar systems and infra-red cameras. Once deployed from a Region or Field Command, the helicopter will automatically patrol around its parent structure in an extensive circle, providing radar coverage to European forces and detecting any concealed intruder, vehicle or structure inside the base perimeter. Upon detection, the helicopter will remain hovering above the suspect and keep it in its sights until ground elements reach the site to resolve the situation by any means necessary.

The Cheetah is the armed version of the lightweight Eurocopter model EC640. Upon deployment, it will automatically patrol the surroundings of the Region Command and engage ground targets of opportunity with its rocket launchers. Be advised however that the Region Command can only deploy one type of helicopter at a time, so you will have to choose between early radar access or better protection from early game rushes.


There are two variants of the EC640: the Radar Helicopter and the Cheetah Attack Helicopter.


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