Dushka nest icon
The Dushka Nest is the GLA's first and most basic defensive emplacement.


This heavy 14.5 mm machine gun emplacement is the basic GLA defense structure and the bane of all infantry. Once upgraded with AP Bullets, it can also deal noticeable damage to light vehicles and air units. Like all GLA defenses, it can be upgraded to either become stealthed or heavily fortified.


Add-on Description
Camo netting icon
Camo Netting
Camouflages the Dushka Nest, making it stealthed unless when attacking.

Costs $300 and takes 10 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Fortified Structure.

Fortified structure 187 icon
Fortified Structure
Fortifies the Dushka Nest, increasing its armor by 50% and makes its gunner more difficult to kill.

Costs $500 and takes 10 seconds to complete.
Incompatible with Camo Netting.


The Dushka Nest is the basic defensive structure of the GLA, available for construction right after the Barracks have been built. The Dushka excels in taking down infantry and aircraft, although it is much weaker against armored vehicles. The Dushka's gunner can be killed, so beware of infantry and anti-personnel vehicles, for when the gunner goes down the Dushka becomes useless until another replaces him.


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