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Dragon Tank
Dragon Tank
The earth will burn!

People's Republic of China


Anti-infantry/anti-garrison vehicle


Flamethrower Turret







Produced by

War Factory


Propaganda Center

Hot key


Dragon Tank

- Nationalism
- Black Napalm


- Fire Wall

It's very hot in here!
- Dragon Tank emerging from the War Factory

The Dragon Tank is China's anti-infantry and anti-structure tank. Its flamethrowers can quickly clear enemy garrisons and its Fire Wall ability is devastating to any enemy structure at close range and can be used for area denial.


Drown them in flames!
- Dragon Tank

While the recent addition of Russian thermobaric weapons to the battlefield has meant that China no longer stands alone in its use of flame-type weaponry, there is still nothing more terrifying for any infantryman than a company of advancing Dragon Tanks spewing gouts of incandescent napalm over the surrounding landscape. The ultimate anti-infantry solution, the Dragon Tank is also particularly valued for its extreme effectiveness against structures, flushing the inside of occupied buildings clear in seconds and burning even the best-armored structures to the ground. While its somewhat exposed fuel tanks mean that the Dragon is not a very popular choice among Chinese tank crews, and it will rarely stand up long in combat with armored foes (though there are stories of fully-upgraded Scorpion tanks being melted by regular, un-upgraded Dragon Tanks), if a Dragon manages to close the distance, woe betide anyone that stands in its way.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The dragon awakes!
- Dragon Tank using the firestorm ability

The Dragon Tank is China's answer to hordes of infantry (quite ironically). Its flamethrower can make short work of any infantry units and even lighter vehicles, and it can easily clear garrisoned structures. With the Black Napalm upgrade it becomes even more lethal, able to take down heavy tanks with relative ease.

Trivia Edit

Incredibly wins 1v1 with fully upgraded Scorpion Tanks vs fully upgraded Dragon Tank.

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