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The USA Construction Dozers are built at the Command Center and are able to build and repair all American battlefield structures, as well as all friendly structures, including those captured or garrisoned by friendly forces which were damaged during enemy raids.


During most operations which involved American forces, they always sent a small force to secure any land suitable enough to build any forward attack bases in order to allow American forces to work as efficiently as possible whilst utilizing the resources provided to equip the inital force with stronger units built from the War Factories, Airfields and Drone Assembly Plants thus allowing American foces to obtain and hold any footholds. The dozer units thus allow Generals to capture an area with more elbow room to attack any enemy forces whilst being allowed to deploy more units.

The Dozer were part of numerous sieges and operations such as the Battle of Baghdad, Operation: Last Call, the Assault of Area 52, etc., which allowed American forces build a base and consequently assault GLA entrenched areas.


Essentially an armored vehicle, the dozer has some immunity against contaminated or irradiated battlefield. This feature gave the commander an option to repair compromised chemical and nuclear bunkers in order for these buildings to be captured and secured from enemy forces. Due to their specific construction and repair role, they are usually defenceless against any enemy units attacking them, they can however, drive over enemy infantry killing them instantly, consequently they can be used as cannon fodder for enemy tanks in order to distract them whilst any defending forces retaliate to destroy attack enemy forces and start securing the base when breeched.


The USA Dozer reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.

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