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The USA Detention Camp provides upgrades and unlocks Tier 1 units and buildings. They are constructed on the battlefield by the USA in order to hold military prisoners and gain valuable battlefield intelligence, consequently enabling US Generals to view enemy units and positions across the battlefield.


These facilities can hold over a hundred dangerous prisoners and have the personnel to interrogate dozens at any given time through questionable means. Consequently they attract a lot of criticism from the media and human rights activists (e.g. Diego Garcia and Guantanamo Bay which have received international criticism due to the lack of humane treatment towards the prisoners). Commanders who desire to build one of these structures must be willing to weather the inevitable backlash but may benefit greatly by gaining key intelligence about their opponents, access to new units as well as the possibility to research several upgrades thus gaining a valuable advantage in the battlefield.


Ability Description
Spy satellite icon
Spy Satellite
Reveals a radius of 300 around the target location for 13 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown.
Requires Intelligence Office.
Cia intelligence icon
CIA Intelligence
Analyzes interrogation reports from enemy soldiers captured by Rangers and Green Berets with Flashbang Grenades to reveal all enemies for a short time. 3 minutes cooldown.
Requires Intelligence Office.

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