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Detention Camp

- United States of America


- Tier 1 Research Facility


- Structure armor


- 1

Hit points

- 2500


- 1500

Build time

- 0:30


- War Factory
- Air Field

Hot key

- D


- -2


Strategy Center, WASP Hive, Microwave Tank, Sentry Drone, Comanche, Raptor, Starlifter,Protector Missile System, Termite Drone, AT Drone,Crusader, Pathfinder


Advanced Training, Drone Armor, Rocket Pods, Chemical Suits, Supply Lines

Detention Camp

Structure Armor


- Slowly repairs itself

The American Detention Camp provides upgrades and unlocks tier 1 units and buildings. They are constructed on the battlefield by the USA inorder to hold military prisoners and gain valuable battlefield intelligence, consequently enabling US Generals to view enemy units and positions across the battlefield.


These facilities can hold over a hundred dangerous prisoners and have the personnel to interrogate dozens at any given time through questionable means. Consequently they attract a lot of criticism from the media and human rights activists (e.g. Diego Garcia and Guantanamo Bay which have recieved international crisitism due to the lack of humane treatment towards the prisoners). Commanders who desire to build one of these structures must be willing to weather the inevitable backlash but may benefit greatly by gaining key intelligence about their opponents, access to new units as well as the possibility to research several upgrades thus gaining a valuable advantage in the battlefield. 

Unit Description Edit

The prison serves mainly as a tier 1 unlock building, making building it a necessary point to advance to tier 2. It unlocks several key upgrades such as Chemical Suits, Rocket Pods, and more which will prove invaluable to gain an edge whilst fighting against enemy units. It also allows production of several veichles, aircrafts and buildings such as Crusader tank, Microwave tank, etc. and has access to the Intelligence power which allows any American General access to enemy intelligence aquired through the use of satelittes, interrogation of POWs and through numerous agencies within the American government most notably the CIA and NSA which are well known agencies in the American intelligence community. However in order for any American General to gain access to this inteligence, they need to spend $2000, where it can then be accessed at the Strategy Center or by capturing infantry with Rangers or Green Berets after Flash-Bangs Grenades is upgraded from the barracks.

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