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Deployment zone icon
Although most factions use Airfields, the ECA uses the Deployment Zone to requisition its helicopters and VTOL jets. It also automatically repairs all nearby aircraft and serves as the drop-off point for battlegroups deployed by the Airlifter.


The European Deployment Zone serves two distinct purposes: Aside from fielding and maintaining the ECA's arsenal of helicopters and VTOLs, it also acts as a central drop-off point for reinforcements that are delivered by an airship. Due to the extreme losses of aerial equipment in the wake of the Russian bombing and missile raids, the ECA's remaining air assets are spread so thin that every front sector can only operate one Deployment Zone at a time, forcing commanders to conserve their aircraft as they can only be produced - and replaced - at a single facility.


Ability Description
Danger close barrage icon
Danger Close Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at the structure's position. Each shell causes 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 and additional 100 to 30 GATTLING damage over a radius of 50 to 80. With Cluster Munitions, the shells also release 4 cluster bomblets on impact, each causing 12.5 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 20. 150 seconds cooldown.


Only one battlegroup can be deployed at a time, and the player must wait for 150 seconds after deploying a battlegroup before deploying another one.

Some battlegroups are only available once the units in it are available for production by the player.

Battlegroup Cost Consists of
Mechanized battlegroup icon
$5200 4 Lynx APCs + 4 Combat Medics + 12 Felin Riflemen + 8 Panzerfaust Soldiers
Anti air battlegroup icon
$5400 6 Gepard Flakpanzers
Armor battlegroup icon
$4800 4 Leopard Tanks
Fast attack battlegroup icon
Fast Attack
$4000 4 Pandur IFVs
Defender battlegroup icon
$5400 3 Warhounds + 2 Mole Minelayers
Tank buster battlegroup icon
Tank Buster
$3900 3 Jagdmammut Tank Destroyers
Fire support battlegroup icon
Fire Support
$4500 3 Mortar Tracks



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