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- Demo Truck
Demo Truck
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Global Liberation Army
- Terror Cell General Yusuuf


-Area denial




Demo traps



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Arms Dealer


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Demo Truck Upgrades

Demo Trap


- Junk Repair


-Deploy Demo Trap
-Detonate Now

The Demo Truck is a light armored fast demolitions vehicle capable of laying demo traps and, when required, a suicide bomber.


The history of the GLA's technical achievements has always been one of trial and error: The lack of advanced technology and an actual industrial basis called for a greater emphasis on improvisation, as evidenced by the organization's arsenal of combat vehicles, some of which such as the Marauder tank were literally designed and manufactured from scratch using construction vehicles as the basic platform for heavy weapon carriers and a jury-rigged combination of television screens, consumer-grade cameras and game pads as fire control systems for guns that were often little more than metal pipes. Despite being one of the personal creations of White Falcon Cell's leader Abdul bin Yusuuf, the Demo Track trap-laying vehicle proved to be less successful due to its lack of agility and reliance on heavy machinery which was often hard to come by. As a result, the vehicle eventually disappeared from service in favor of the Demo Truck, which was essentially just a civilian pickup truck that was not converted into a Technical for once, but a bomb carrier. The Demo Truck sacrifices the mine clearing plows of its heavier predecessor for a greater level of mobility while its function remains the same: Assembling high-explosive barrel bombs while on the move and quickly deploying them wherever an enemy patrol might be expected to pass through.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Demo Truck is a souped up Pickup truck that is armed to brim with explosives. Along with it's explosive cargo, it carries around a demo-trap which it can use to set up traps on the fly thanks to its great speed. Much like it's bigger brother the Bomb Truck, it can also be used as a suicide unit for a last resort with a much smaller but still deadly explosion.


Demo Trucks can be used a highly mobile Demo trap layers, providing a easier way of placing demo traps than sending workers to do the dirty job. Demo Trucks can also be used as much faster Bomb Trucks, being able to catch up to there targets much better than its bigger brother allowing them to catch even faster targets than normal. The Demo Truck like other suicide units can upgrade from Recycler upgrades, like Cluster bombs from the ECA or napalm upgrade from China, allowing more "spice" into its destruction with the ECA cluster bombs placing mines after detonation and the China napalm leaving a fire storm in its explosion devastating its target much more.


The Demo Truck follows almost the same path as the Bomb Truck being a suicide unit albeit a bit weaker but much much faster and should be a high priority to destroy when encountering them on the battlefield.

Heavy tanks and armored vehicles shouldn't fear it as much as it's bigger brother thanks to the lesser explosives packed into the Demo Truck, it doesn't count as much as a threat.

Demo trucks should be treated the same defensive strategy as the Bomb Truck and make sure to keep no holes or open places for the Demo Truck to slip in. Even though it lacks the Disguise ability like the Bomb Truck, it makes up for it by being as fast as a Technical can could easily out run your defenses and hit its target.

On the field, its a good idea to keep a lookout for Demo Trucks as it can signal that there are Demo Traps hidden around, giving a great danger to tanks and infantry alike


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