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- Stealthed explosive device
- Area-denial





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- Worker
- Demo Truck


Arms Dealer

The Demo Trap is the deadliest mine in the GLA arsenal and quite possibly the most cost efficient single use area denial weapon currently in use.


Improvised Explosive Devices (or IEDs for short) have been used by unconventional forces in many asymmetrical conflicts around the world, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. Due to their covert and highly unpredictable nature, these Demo Traps have proven to be quite a nuisance for peacekeeping forces and militaries alike.

The GLA later used these weapons to full effect during the Global War on Terror, killing or crippling many Chinese or American soldiers and innocent civilians alike. Despite the limitless variety in building techniques, there appears to be one distinct 'type' of Demo Trap that was used in such vast quantities that it can be regarded as the GLA's 'standard' IED: Cynically dubbed the 'barrel of doom' by American servicemen, the Demo Trap consists of a metal oil drum that is filled with any available explosive such as dynamite, TNT, gunpowder or semtex. A single barrel can contain enough volatile material to disable a tank up close and footsoldiers within the blast radius are in severe danger of being ripped to pieces by a hail of fragments created through the addition of metal screws and rocks that increase the bomb's killing power even further.

Today, the Demo Trap is the staple of GLA area denial tactics, and some have been refitted to be stored in so-called Demo Trucks, where they could be dropped off and activated whenever needed.

Structure descriptionEdit

Demo Trap Upgrades
GLA DemoTrapCameo

- Detonate Now!
- Proximity Control
- Manual Control

The Demo Trap is a stationary area denial defense for the GLA. Available after the Arms Dealer has been built, the Demo Trap can block off areas where the enemy would pass, and force them to either take an alternate route or be crippled by the Traps. In short, the Demo Trap is a very effective area denial structure, and if used correctly can turn the tide of the battle, whether through its raw destructive power or its ability to unnerve and constrict the opponent.

A lighter version of the Demo Trap can be planted by the Demo Truck, which does not do the same amount of damage but can still cause trouble amongst the enemy, especially when deployed en masse.

Demo Traps rely heavily on stealth in order for their destructive potential to be unleashed for ambushes meaning a large army could be riddled to a small group in minutes. However, an aware opponent could learn of frequented danger zones and would depend on Attack Dogs or Conscripts, wearing NV goggles, to detect and destroy them from a safe distance.

When triggered, the Demo Trap beeps for around a second before detonating, meaning really fast vehicles like the Rocket Buggy could have a chance of escaping unscratched.

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