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Let's make a delivery!
- Demo Track leaving the Arms Dealer.

The peculiar Demo Track is the GLA's latest and most deadly demolitions vehicle. It was scrapped in 1.85 in favor of the new Demo Truck.


General Yusuuf of the GLA's hardline terrorist wing retrospectively analysed the scorched earth tactics that were employed against the European infrastructure and came up with a way to improve the efficiency of future operations. The result of this endeavor was the Demo Track. In essence a GLA-designed pioneer vehicle, it has all the necessary equipment to assemble and, more importantly, quickly deploy Demo Traps while on the move. In addition, an armed Demo Track can also use its explosive payload to act as a makeshift Bomb Truck when needed.


Ability Description
Detonate now icon
Detonate Now!
Order this unit to immediately detonate themselves.
Demo truck dump demo trap icon
Dump Demo Trap
Order the Demo Track to drop the Demo Trap they are currently holding onto their back.
Demo truck build new demo trap icon
Build New Demo Trap
Build a new Demo Trap for this Demo Track.
Clear mines icon
Clear Mines
Remove mines and small explosives in the target area.


The Demo Track is a tier-2 demolitions vehicle, acting as a minelayer and Bomb Truck at the same time. The Demo Track has the ability to lay down smaller versions of the infamous Demo Traps that terrorized US and PLA forces during the Global War on Terror. If things gets really tight, the Demo Track can also detonate and damage any surrounding units, friendly or foe.


The Demo Track is best used as a minelayer, however it can also clear minefields, which is especially good against China and the ECA. The Demo Traps it produces are weaker than their Worker-built counterparts, but can still pack a considerable punch. The Demo Traps should be placed in tight areas, or areas where a worker could otherwise not build. Other than that, the Demo Track can be used as a makeshift Bomb Truck and detonate near enemies, however it won't deal as much damage as a regular Bomb Truck.


The Demo Track is heavily armored, and won't be an easy nut to crack. But, as with most ground units it lacks air cover, and a couple of bombs should be enough to destroy it. When a Demo Track is blown up the blast could damage surrounding units, making it a good area of effect weapon used by the enemy against the enemy. Construction Dozers can of course also clear the Demo Traps placed by the Demo Track, and any stealth detection unit can detect them.

Demo Tracks charging towards your structures or units in a suicide attack should not be a tough problem, because their damage dealt is not so problematic, although most lighter units will die. To counter this, tanks and artillery should destroy it before it reaches its target.


The Demo Track uses the Demolition Truck's voiceset in Red Alert 2.


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