You don't mess with The Unit.
- Delta Force Operator
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The Delta Force Operator is an elite combat infantry trained under the command of General Thorn.


The members of the 1st SFOD-D, commonly known as Delta Force, are among the most elite soldiers in the United States military. As the most secretive and well-trained special forces unit of the US Army, the Deltas have achieved an unparalleled degree of mastery in the use of countless weapons. Their heavy gunners serve as fire support specialists and wield a combination of weapons that enables them to deal with any sort of threat: Their primary armament is the Mk.48 Mod 3, a machine gun that spews out lethal 7.62mm rounds at an amazing rate of fire, allowing the Operators to rip through infantry, light vehicles and even low flying aircraft with ease. In addition, they carry a lightweight 60mm commando mortar whose advanced precision guided shells make up for their lack of explosive punch through nigh-pinpoint accuracy.


Ability Description
Delta force operator mortar barrage icon
Mortar Barrage
Fires a barrage of 10 mortar rounds at the target location within a distance of 225 to 350. Each mortar round causes 40 to 20 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 10 to 30. 15 seconds cooldown.
Call drone airlifter icon
Call in a Drone Airlifter
Call in a Drone Airlifter on the Delta Force Operator
Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.


Deployed by default with an infantry machine gun, a weapon more than enough to decimate groups of infantry or heavily damage light vehicles and low flying aircraft. They are also equipped with a lightweight mortar that can be used to pound hostile ground targets with precise mortar barrage.


Together with Green Berets, they can be called into the fronts to reinforce your advancing army. With their intense rate of fire they can (and will) shred any infantry brave enough to head straight towards them. Light vehicles are no exception to their deadly wall of lead. A unique characteristic of the Delta operator is that it can also engage air targets, while not effective against high speed targets, they are efficient enough to down helicopters after some continuous fire. While not occupied on gunning down infantry or vehicles, the Delta Operator can be ordered to deploy his mortar and harass targets at long range. It is advised to garrison these men when engaging ground and aerial vehicles.


Dedicated anti infantry vehicles should be more than enough to eliminate these airborne operators. Since it is a common tactic to garrison these men, garrison cleaners should deal with them efficiently. As with most infantry they will die in mere seconds if left exposed to flame, radiation, toxins etc, should their commanders forget to equip them with chemical suits. While engaging them with helicopters is not encouraged, helicopters would still eliminate them in a continuous burst of auto cannon gunfire (if it has one).


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Behind the scenes

  • In 1.85 Delta Force Operators replace Missile Defenders that were previously dropped as part of the Airborne General's Power.
  • In 2.0 Delta Force Operators will be exclusive to General Thorn.

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