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The Cyclops Tactical Laser functions as a USA anti-air and anti-missile defensive emplacement, depending on which mode is active.


Officially marketed as the Super-Intensity Chemical Laser Operations Protection System - or SICLOPS - but more sensibly referred to as the Cyclops by American troops, this tactical high-energy laser is widely regarded as the ultimate in anti-air defence systems. Its ability to annihilate enemy aircraft and ballistic missiles in flight is unparalleled, if only limited by its massive power consumption. A special naval version of the Cyclops has largely replaced the aging Phalanx CIWS on the newer generation of American warships while the ground-based version has also been delivered to close American allies such as Japan and Israel, where it cast a figurative shield of protection over major military facilities and cities during the Korean Unification War and the Great Middle Eastern War of the 2030s respectively.


Ability Description
Cyclops anti aircraft targeting mode icon
Anti-Aircraft Targeting Mode
The Cyclops powers up to high-intensity laser beams which can target aircraft in long ranges with long delay between shots.
Cyclops anti missile targeting mode icon
Anti-Missile Targeting Mode
The Cyclops powers down to low-intensity laser beams which can target missiles and rockets in short ranges with very fast delay between shots.


The Cyclops is one of the another base defense of US. It's cyclop-like consists of high-powered laser, which can shoot down aircraft with ease. This makes a good choice for anti-air base defense wherein Protector Missile System can only do insignificantly. It deals heavy damage against aircraft, which 2 shots of strike is enough to bring down light or medium aircrafts. For supportive aircrafts, are required few shots to take it down. It has 1-2 second cooldown between shots. On the other hand, it has also ability to shoot down missiles in the exchange of anti-air, which can eliminates rockets or even large missiles. Like other US buildings, it leaves Rangers when destroyed.


This base defense excels in anti-air role; the lasers deal heavy damage against aircraft, which it can bring it down with ease. This makes best for no-fly zone defense, beating the Tier-one Protector Missile System.

Additionally, it has anti-missile ability which can mow down missiles easily, especially small ones. Can also take down missiles, the ones with a large size.


While being only a anti-air role, the ground units can take out this defense, especially tanks or artillery. So be alerted of that.

The laser deals heavy damage, but it has slow rate of fire. Doing by one itself would not survive in a wave of aircrafts. Therefore it should be build two or more.

It's power requirement consumes a lot of power, thus making more of this will result in power crisis, forcing to build more Fusion Reactors.