Conscript, ready to fight!
- Conscript
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"Thirty Rubles that Dimitri gets shot first"

Russian Federation


Basic Infantry




AK-74 Assault Rifle



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- Capture Building
- Infantry Medkits
- Advanced Infantry Munitions
- IR Googles

Conscripts are the basic rifleman of the Russian Federation, and the single-most cheapest unit in the entire mod.


Let's win this war together, comrades!
- Conscript
The Russian Conscripts are Mother Russia's go-to for basic riflemen. They are weak individually but competent at taking on their adversaries in large numbers, using their AK-74 rifles to overpower the enemy. Their rudimentary training puts emphasis on teamwork and anti-infantry combat. They lack the advanced skills of other infantry units and get killed quite easily, netting them a reputation as "Russia's meat shield". However, don't discount them, as they can be powerful en masse.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Let me get swig of my drink first, okay?
- Conscript

Russian Conscripts are the cheapest infantry to produce at $50 per unit, even cheaper than a single Chinese Red Guard. They are armed with a basic assault rifle, can capture tech buildings and garrison structures. Sadly, their low cost comes at the price of low health and poor combat capabilities. They lack the anti-garrison capabilities of US Rangers, the anti-air capabilities of the ECA Felin Riflemen, and they cannot stealth like GLA Rebels.

What they lack in combat power, they make up for by being one of the most upgradeable infantry units. They can be given IR Goggles which allow them to detect stealth objects, rendering the hero units and GLA infantry units mute in terms of sneaking into a base to wreak havoc. Also, they can be upgraded with Infantry Medkits to automatically heal in battle so they become a source of annoyance to an enemy who believes that his next wave would finish off the weakened Conscripts only to face fully healed veterans. Finally, they can be upgraded with Larger Rifle Magazines to fire longer bursts, increasing their damage output.

They also share the 'Camaraderie' feature of other Russian infantry, inspiring nearby comrades to fight harder for a short duration after they fall, which is especially effective when the Conscripts are mixed in with stronger infantry units like Shock Troopers or VDV Paratroopers. Their cheap price also makes them the ideal unit to man the Russian vehicles salvaged by the MTP Recovery Vehicle or those dropped by the Armor Reserves Paradrop Generals Ability.


You could just get us BMP.
- Conscript
As these units are cheap, it is best to use this to your advantage. With every infantry group of 9, you should have at least a single Conscript, so that when he dies, he buffs the remaining infantry group. Also, putting them into buildings or transport vehicles provides Russia an advantage at stealth detection, further limiting the enemy's ability to sneak units into your base or rear deployment area. These vehicles include the Russian Mishka scout vehicle, BMP armoured transport and Hind helicopter. Doing so effectively provides the Russian army with a wide array of different stealth detector vehicles.

Also, when you are salvaging your vehicles, it is best to have at least a group of 5 Conscripts ready to enter the vehicle, as leaving vehicles unmanned is just begging your enemy to steal them from you instead.

Do not try to use Conscripts as the center of any assault; they will not survive long enough to do much damage. They are strictly for supporting your army and manning the defence. If you need to use them for an attack, it better be for delaying the enemy and dealing with other infantry, as vehicles can simply run them over.


If you are a player dealing with an enemy using Conscripts, there are remedies for this menace. Since stealth does not work against them, the options depend on whether you are on the offence or defence.

If on the defence, simply putting your infantry units into garrisons works well. Most base defences, except the US Firebase, can handle 9 Conscripts per defence. The US Firebase can only handle them if they stay outside the structure's minimum firing range. Also, artillery, especially the types with large splash damage, can handle them well before the Conscripts get into range.

If you are forced to attack them, the question is whether they are garrisoned or not. If the Conscripts are not garrisoned, most light vehicles such as the GLA Quad Cannon or the US Humvee can handle them. Gunships also work (with the exception being the GLA's Gazelle) as most gunships have fast firing cannons and the Conscripts lack any sort of anti-air capability.

If they are garrisoned, then the Conscripts are often supported by Igla Troopers and RPG Conscripts, which makes gunships useless and light vehicles a bad counter. Use anti-garrison vehicles such as the Chinese Dragon Tank or the US Microwave Tank. If they lack decent anti-air cover, then using bombers is fine too. The US Nighthawk with Bunker Buster bombs is extremely deadly to garrisoned troops.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Cheapest infantry in the game.
  • Grants temporary Camaraderie fire-rate buff to allied infantry when unit dies, and receives it when allies fall.
  • Can detect stealth (when upgraded)
  • Stealth detection also works from within transport vehicles and garrisons
  • Can auto-heal (when upgraded)
  • Larger Rifle Magazines upgrade boosts firepower.


  • Low health.
  • Cannot clear garrisons like GLA basic infantry.
  • Vulnerable to light vehicles, tanks and aircraft.


Before ROTR 1.85, the Conscript used the voiceset of the unit of the same name from the game Red Alert 3

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