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General Aleksandr is never one content with something that simply works. Unlike many Russians, who take the view of 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it', Aleksandr has never stopped improving his forces and the Tesla Coil is one of the most obvious examples. In finding a replacement for the useful but limited RPG Turret he advocated the advancement of experimental electrical weaponry based on theories first proposed by Nikola Tesla himself.

The resulting Tesla Coil generates a pulse of many millions of volts that is capable of melting armor, blowing circuits to shreds and utterly annihilating a living person. Using an advanced capacitor system, the Tesla Coil gauges the resistance of its target and dispenses exactly the amount of power needed to erase it, using powerful blasts against tanks and multiple quick, smaller blasts against any hapless foot soldiers foolish enough to approach. The Tesla Coil's utterly lethal performance against vehicular and infantry forces comes at two costs; a significant construction fee and an enormous drain on base power. However, Aleksandr has found the weapon to be well worth it.


Ability Description
Tesla coil activate overcharge icon
Activate Overcharge
Overcharges the Tesla Coil to make it attack in continuous but less powerful dischages that can hit ground and air targets, but with shorter range and drains more power.
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Deactivate Overcharge
Stops overcharging the Tesla Coil.