EU Commando
"Ready to apply boot to ass, sir"

European Continental Alliance


- Infiltration




-Silenced L85A3 Assault Rifle
-Carl-Gustav Rocket launcher
-C4 Explosives
-Med Kit


Commando Insertion GP Unlock

Ready to kick some arse sir!
- Commando

Commandos are special operations units under the command of the ECA that can be covertly deployed via an airdrop alongside Fenneks during especially tense situations.


With much of continental Europe under Russian control, the British Special Air Service, Royal Marine and Parachute Regiments remained some of the few special forces that still operated in direct coordination with ECA high command. The Commandos had their finest hour in the late autumn of 2048, after a sizeable detachment of Russian airborne troops had seized control of the European space centre in French Guiana in an attempt to shut down the Solaris network. With only a few firewalls between them and complete domination over Europe's most important power source, its satellite communications and space capabilities, the three elite units were dispatched to South America at once. After a dramatic night time insertion, the Commandos converged on the space port which was held by a large, dug-in VDV force. Against seemingly impossible odds, they managed to reach the command centre and re-routed control of the vital space assets to Spain, preventing a major disaster after the Russians had already used the satellite 'Newton' to fire a solar burst at the USS Spirit of Freedom off the coast of Ireland, rendering one of her flight decks inoperable and forcing the Americans to destroy the satellite with one of their own Particle Cannons.

In combat, the Commandos can only be called into action by experienced commanders. Armed with a customised spec ops modded rifle and specialized equipment, they will then covertly infiltrate the designated area on a moment's notice.

Commando TypesEdit


  • Commandos are the only units that remain stealthed while firing and planting explosives.

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