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The Command Center is a vital structure to the United States, building Dozers, providing radar, processing data and creating plans for the battle. Without this building, support powers are unavailable and special weapons cannot be produced.


Dating back to the GLA conflict, the Command Center was technologically superior to its enemies' counterparts, being able to provide a radar when built, unlike the Chinese or GLA command centers. The structure served as a command building, giving orders to units and planning battles along with the Strategy Center. Without this building, a general could not call in support. The building would come with a construction dozer and use its renowned drone technology to spy on enemies.

As of the Russo-European conflict, it remains the only building that provides a radar when built.


Ability Description
Backup power icon
Backup Power
Activates emergency power generators on the Command Center to gain additional 60 power for 30 seconds. 150 seconds cooldown.

Requires Backup Power Generators.


The United State's Command Center comes with a built-in radar and could build Construction Dozers. A Recon Drone can be produced for scouting purposes, and support powers can be deployed from this structure, so it's vital to keep it safe at all costs. If destroyed, all support powers, dozer production, and radar functions are lost.

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