China command center icon
The Command Center is the headquarters of any Chinese base, acting as a place to plan attacks and call in support in the heat of a battle. Construction dozers and spy outposts are employed by this building and rather than being built along with the structure, an optional radar can be installed afterwards.


The Command Center possesses the architecture unique to the Chinese structures, a brick and wood design. Despite this, the structure is resilient, and can survive even a superweapon attack. Similarly to the United States, it uses a tower as a radar, which rather than being built alongside the Command Center has to be purchased optionally. This structure serves as a command building, providing support powers and a safe place to develop plans and take in information and data., especially thanks to its strong armor.

During the Russo-European conflict, the Command Center could no longer be defended by neutron mines in accordance to the Budapest Conventions, outlawing any type of neutron weaponry.


Add-on Description
China radar icon
Build a radar on the Command Center to provide radar map.
Costs $500 and takes 20 seconds to complete.
Land mines icon
Land Mines
Lays a minefield around the building that explodes when an enemy steps on it, causing 100 to 50 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 5 to 10. Triggered mines are replaced after 20 seconds.
Costs $400 and takes 12 seconds to complete.


The Chinese Command Center comes with only a dozer that could construct all other Chinese structures. From the Command Center, a Listening Outpost can be produced and sent to scout. If the building is destroyed, a fatal blow may have been done, and most if not all support powers will be gone along with the radar.

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