Combat Pioneer



Fire support

  • MP57 submachine gun
  • 81mm mortar


Hit points


Armor type


Sight radius




Speed (land)
  • 20 (10 when injured)
  • 40 (30 when injured) (Battlefield Prototype)


Build time


Produced by

ECA Barracks


Solar Reactor



Ground attack
  • 6 (GATTLING) (submachine gun)
  • 50-25 (AURORA_BOMB) (mortar, explosive rounds)
  • 10 (EXPLOSION) (mortar, explosive rounds cluster submunition)
  • 15 (GATTLING) (mortar, canister rounds)
  • 8 (SURRENDER) (mortar, canister rounds, extra damage against infantry)
  • 100 (between shots), 1000 (reload after 4 shots) (submachine gun)
  • 1500 (mortar)
Attack range
  • 135 (submachine gun)
  • 350, minimum 190 (mortar)
  • 5-15 (mortar explosive rounds radius)
  • 15 (mortar explosive rounds cluster submunition radius)
  • 5 (mortar canister rounds radius)
  • 8 (mortar canister rounds extra radius against infantry)
  • 40 (mortar tear gas rounds radius)
  • Bombard Area
  • Submachine Gun
  • Mortar
  • Explosive Mortar Rounds
  • Canister Mortar Rounds (upgrade)
  • Tear Gas Mortar Rounds (upgrade)
  • Place Anti-Tank Mine
  • Place Anti-Personnel Mine
Elite ability



Cannot be garrisoned and transported in vehicles with fireports

Combat pioneer icon
The Combat Pioneer is part of an elite group of the European Continental Alliance.


The European Combat Pioneers are highly trained specialists that are deployed for a variety of support tasks. Their primary weapon is the MP57 personal defence weapon, a rugged submachine gun which fires the smaller 28mm length version of the ECA's standard 5,7x50mm assault rifle round. In addition, they pack some serious firepower in the form of a portable 81mm infantry mortar, which can be loaded with three types of ammunition once properly deployed and calibrated: General purpose high-explosive rounds, airbursting canister shells for use against massed infantry and non-lethal tear gas canisters to irritate and disorient the enemy. Thanks to their advanced weapon training, the Pioneers are able to fire a quick barrage of ten explosive grenades without having to fortify their position, if the circumstances prohibit proper entrenchment. Rounding off this useful combination of ranged fire support and self-defence, the Pioneers can also plant a powerful shaped charge anti-vehicle mine to shatter enemy tanks.


Ability Description
Bombard area icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.

Only available while using the mortar.

Combat pioneer submachine gun icon
Submachine Gun
Use the submachine gun for self-defense.
Combat pioneer mortar icon
Use the mortar to bombard enemies in long range.
Combat pioneer explosive mortar rounds icon
Explosive Mortar Rounds
Use standard explosive rounds for the mortar. With Cluster Munitions, the rounds will scatter submunitions on impact.

Only available while using the mortar.

Combat pioneer canister mortar rounds icon
Canister Mortar Rounds
Use canister rounds for the mortar effective against infantry and light vehicles but ineffective against tanks and structures.

Only available while using the mortar.

Requires Canister Rounds.
Combat pioneer tear gas mortar rounds icon
Tear Gas Mortar Rounds
Use tear gas rounds for the mortar that does no damage but reduces the affected enemies firepower and range by 20%, and firing rate by 25%.

Only available while using the mortar.

Requires Tear Gas Rounds.
Combat pioneer place anti tank mine icon
Place Anti-Tank Mine
Places an anti-tank mine at the target location, with the process taking 2.5 seconds to complete. The mine detonates when an enemy vehicle passes over it, causing 300 damage over a radius of 5, and can damage units that are able to safely pass through mines. 8 seconds cooldown.

Only available while using the submachine gun.

Combat pioneer place anti personnel mine icon
Place Anti-Personnel Mine
Places a group of 8 anti-personnel mines at the target location, with the process taking 2.5 seconds to complete. The mines detonate when an enemy ground unit passes over it, causing 20 damage over a radius of 40; infantry take additional 60 damage. 8 seconds cooldown.

Only available while using the submachine gun.


The Pioneers are the ECA's mortar infantry, armed with two armaments and has variety roles; the mortar has purpose of attacking structures or base defenses at long-range while the sub-machine gun is used to take out infantry for better protection.

Unlike the Nukeneer, it doesn't need General's Power Unlock and initially available when Solar Reactor was built.

The Pioneers have 3 munitions payload with the following effects; the standard shells are good against structures and even tanks, while the shredder rounds are very effective against infantry including the ones in grouped but ineffective against structures and armored vehicles. Lastly, the Tear Gas Rounds are used to decrease damage, range and effectiveness of enemy units if they are within Area of Effect. However, they cannot use their sub-machine gun unless changing weapons.

They have ability to place land mines such as anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The anti-personnel deals moderate damage against infantry and light vehicles while the anti-tank mine deals heavy damage against tanks and even vehicles with immunity to land mines. However, they cannot use their mortar unless changing weapons.

Additionally, when the Venom Protocol is researched, they will move at a much faster speed like most of ECA infantries applied on.


Pioneers are good against structures when using mortar from long-range, especially when massed. They also fire in a decent rate of fire which can quickly destroy structures and enemy units.

They have a sub-machine gun in a exchange of mortar, which has ability to counter enemy infantry for their protection.

The mortar has 3 types of munition payload; the standard shells are effective against structures and vehicles, the shredder rounds are very effective against groups of infantry, and the tear gas rounds reduces the combat effectiveness of enemy units.

Pioneers can also ride on Pandur which can gain mortar attack and mobility to be more useful.

They also can place a anti-tank and anti-personnel mines for area-for-denial support. Useful for defense purposes.


Pioneers are easily be killed by any of means of anti-infantry weapons. Even their sub-machine gun do not work effectively against light vehicles, tanks and massed of infantry.

Pioneers lack anti-air weapons and can easily be brought to dust by any types of aircraft. Unless utilizing more Felin Rifleman or Gepard can be a smart strategy as they can attack aircrafts effectively protecting the Pioneers.

Pioneers cannot perform well against artillery due of its range. Because of that, they can easily be overwhelmed by it and artilleries can attack them, wherein Pioneers need to get close in order to attack.


When created

  • Pioneer reporting.

When selected

  • In position.
  • Combat support here.
  • Mission?
  • Orders?
  • Receiving, Kommandant.
  • Ready and waiting.
  • Well, let's get on with this.

When ordered to move

  • Affirmative.
  • Roger that.
  • Let's not be reckless now.
  • Pioneer on the move.
  • Oui, d'accord. ("Yes, I agreed." in French)
  • Of course.
  • Proceeding as ordered.
  • Right away.

When ordered to use Explosive Mortar Rounds

  • Explosive shells ready.
  • Yes, sir. Standard munitions.

When ordered to use Canister Mortar Rounds

  • Canister rounds loaded.
  • It's come to this, has it?

When ordered to use Tear Gas Mortar Rounds

  • Gas rounds are ready.
  • Tear gas shells. Roger.

When ordered to place mines

  • A good spot for the mines.
  • Planting mine.
  • These are... desperate times, no?
  • Setting trap.

When ordered to attack

  • Attacking!
  • Contact!
  • Enemy target!
  • Alright, engaging!
  • Pioneer entering combat!
  • Opening fire!
  • Taking him down.
  • We have hostiles!

When ordered to attack with mortar

  • Attacking at long range!
  • Bombarding!
  • Roger that! Mortar strike!
  • The coup de tuer! ("coup de tuer" means "killing blow" in French)

When under fire

  • Damn it, not again!
  • I would appreciate a little help!
  • Pioneer requesting assistance!
  • Under fire!

When surrendered

  • Fine, I'm sick of this damn war anyway...
  • Hold your fire, I surrender.
  • (grunts) Merde... ("Shit..." in French)


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