The patients need me!
- Medic
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The Combat Medic is an ECA infantry who automatically treat nearby injured personnel and can be tasked with recovering downed ECA troops in the vicinity.


These field physicians possess all the necessary knowledge and equipment to heal European infantry forces out in the field and evacuate wounded comrades. Since their primary job is to provide emergency medical care, Medics are protected by the Geneva Convention and must not be attacked. However, in the light of numerous atrocities reportedly committed by General Aleksandr's barbaric Shock Divisions, many Medics have resorted to arming themselves with old, surplus machine pistols such as the Skorpion vz.61 or the Austrian TMP in order to protect themselves from attacks. This has the unfortunate side effect that the now-armed Medics lose their status as non-combatants and become valid targets, a circumstance that is nevertheless prefered over the possibility of running into a Shock Trooper while unarmed.[1]


Ability Description
Combat medic recover wounded icon
Recover Wounded
The Combat Medic resuscitates downed ECA infantry (marked with red crosses above their body) in a radius of 75 with the process taking 4.5 seconds to complete, refunding their costs before a Medivac Pegasus arrives to evacuate the resuscitated ECA infantry off the battlefield.


The Combat Medic is produced at the Barracks for $250. They automatically heal infantry units surrounding them and can be ordered the recover downed personnel for cash. The Medics are also armed with machine pistols for close-quarters engagements.


Medics are best used alongside other ECA infantry formations. They automatically heal those surrounding them, meaning the infantry have a better chance at victory with Medics along. Although not much, recovering wounded personnel nets you a small cash bonus that could turn the tide of the battle.


As with most basic infantry, the Combat Medic is very frail. They can be easily crushed by vehicles and even their machine pistols stand no chance against other basic infantry.


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