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Comanche Overview
RotR Comanche bayclosed
"Air cover's on the way!"



- Anti-Personnel
- Anti-Vehicle


- Triple-barreled gatling cannon
- Hellfire anti-tank missile (x8)





Build time


Produced by



Detention Camp

Hot key


Comanche Upgrades

- Advanced Training
- Countermeasures

The RAH-66 'Comanche' is the American primary airborne counter to ground units, with the capability to remain on station until the threat is neutralized or severe damage is sustained.


Need a little ground support?
- Comanche attack helicopter

Despite its cursed development history which was marred by overflowing costs and even a temporary cancellation in the early 2000s, the US Army's infamous Comanche project has eventually produced one of the most agile and heavily armed helicopter gunships in the world, to the point that the aging AH-64 Apache Longbow was retired. Equipped with a triple-barreled gatling cannon and deadly Hellfire anti-tank missiles, the Comanche proved itself in many battles, most importantly in the Global War on Terror where they assisted large groups of retreating American troops from the pursuing GLA forces during Operation: Guardian Angel, preventing a massacre. Over the years the design was improved even further: the optional rocket pods that could be previously installed were discarded in favor of additional space for more Hellfire missiles, making the Comanche even more effective at taking on approaching tank columns. The armor was also improved slightly and the missile bay doors became retractable in order to avoid making them exposed while not in combat, so that incursions by rocket troopers would not lead to the destruction of the Comanche's own weapons. Though the war has yet to see its turning point, the Comanche is already a major concern for Russian tank formations all over Europe, and even moreso for infantry divisions, mainly due to the stories of the helicopter slaughtering hordes of Rebels during the Global War on Terror.


Search and clear!
- Comanche attack helicopter

The Comanche excels at a wide variety of anti-ground roles: The gatling guns take out infantry and light vehicles very quickly, and the missiles rapidly decimate tank divisions. In number they can take on Sentinels and Overlords, and lay waste to bases with lack of anti air defenses. The gatling gun fires constantly but the missiles take some time to reload, so it can be recommended to assign a Comanche to small groups of targets instead of several. Thanks to the Advanced Training upgrade, Comanches reach the maximum level of Veterancy quickly, gaining a large increase in damage, reload speed and self-repair capabilities. Countermeasures improve survival chances against most enemies who employ rockets, but Gattling Cannons will still decimate Comanches in no time.The Comanche also lacks any form of anti air attacks, and so it is important to keep it out of reach from MiGs and Berkuts or even Hinds. Pairing them with Vipers almost always results in an effective combination.


The Comanche is a powerful anti-ground helicopter, making deal to destroy enemy armor and quickly with their 8 hellfire missiles and rotary gattling cannon, also can kill enemy infantry in mere seconds. Useful to destroy high hit-points vehicles or structures

Additional, Comanche can reach at the maximum veterancy quickly after purchasing Advanced Training from the Detention Camp, making it better by destroying enemy units.

Purchasing Countermeasures from the Strategy Center give Comanches increased damage resistance and a better chance to evade incoming missiles and rockets for better protection.


The weakness of Comanche is being vulnerable to aircrafts or helicopters that can attack air. So, they can bring down Comanches because of lacking anti-air weapons.

Another weakness of Comanche is the heavy anti-air vehicles, the Countermeasure upgrade is not enough dealing with them. And also massed of anti-air vehicles are good dealing Comanches.


  • "Gunship reporting in!" - Comanche attack helicopter


  • Before version of Rise of the Reds the Comanche mounted a total of 16 missiles on stub-wings attached to the helicopter's fuselage.


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