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The Coal Power Plant is the main source of power for the Russian Federation.


After the destruction and economic demise of the Middle East in the late 2020s, the Russian Federation became the largest exporter of fossil fuel, making it the greatest energy superpower in the entire world with its triad of oil, gas and coal. During this period of the early 21st century, the world started feeling the effects of global climate change. The ancient permafrost soil of north-eastern Siberia began to thaw, producing unknown quantities of natural gas, crude oil and coal which further boosted the nation's unparallelled energy potential. This turned out to be both a blessing and a curse: While the Federation's energy exports grew exponentially during the reconstruction of Europe and Central Asia under President Suvorov, vast swathes of Siberia were left ecologically devastated and the overabundance of fossil fuels discouraged the country's development of sustainable alternatives, leaving Russia's 'green' technology sector severely underdeveloped compared to the likes of the US, Europe and South America. For the foreseeable future, the combination of oil, gas and coal would provide enough power to keep the furnaces of the Bear's industry burning and while most of the Russian homeland receives its energy from an elaborate network of nuclear and natural gas power plants, the Russian Army continues to rely on simple coal generators to power its facilities, as their fuel can be easily transported by trucks and trains.



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