Claymore Howitzer
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European Continental Alliance
- Fire Support


Heavy Artillery




220mm Howitzer





Produced by

Vehicle Assembly Depot


Research Facility

Hot key



- Needs to be deployed before firing.

Claymore Howitzer

- Cluster Munitions


- Artillery barrage

You want us to rearrange the landscape for you sir?
- Claymore

The Claymore Howitzer is a powerful artillery piece employed by General Charles.


The Claymore is one of the largest units in the ECA’s arsenal. It has a nearly legendary firing range. Possesses superb accuracy and can operate in any terrain and weather that is native to Europe. Very few have the luxury of surviving the punishment of its shells. Thanks to a highly efficient loading system they are capable of firing a punishing five round volley in a matter of a seconds, creating a majestic and deadly barrage.

Unit Description Edit

The Claymore is perhaps the most powerful "conventional" artillery vehicle in the game, as the Nuke Cannon fires nuclear shells, the Pandora fires neutron shells and the Topol launches nuclear missiles. Essentially a mobile Howitzer Position, the Claymore is produced at the Vehicle Depot once a Research Facility has been built. The Claymore is very slow and cumbersome, and has to deploy before firing. The Claymore can only fire through direct commands, and will not auto-attack even when guarding an area, and it has a large minimum range. But, its range is immense and firepower even greater, making it an ideal anti-structure unit.

Tactics Edit

The Claymore is very weak so it has to be defended at all times against all forms of enemies. An ideal strategy is to guide the Claymore to a far-off corner near the enemy base, and then keep attacking relentlessly while the unit is being defended. The Claymore has a long reload time so its advised to have two in one group, so they can fire consecutively. If upgraded with Cluster Munitions its firepower is increased additionally. In a single volley the Claymore will fire five shells at the target area.

Counters Edit

As with most artillery it lacks air defense, and even more: It has no protection against enemy ground and air units, and as such is an easy prey for even the weakest of tanks. It has to be defended by other ECA units at all times, but counter-artillery is a good way to deal with them. Artillery units such as Mstas, Tomahawk Launchers and Grads can wipe it out in a couple of volleys, and the Claymore's minimum range and long reload time makes it nigh impossible for it to retaliate. Claymores also take several seconds to deploy, and are very slow, both when moving and when reloading (it requires several minutes to finish reloading).

Pros/Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Powerful.
  • Immense range.

Cons Edit

  • Expensive.
  • No air or ground defense.
  • Big minimum range.
  • Slow.

Gallery Edit


  • The Claymore seems to bare a strong resemblance to the German PzH2000.
  • Originally, the PzH2000 was supposed be a unit for General Wolfgang, however, it was cut due to its similarity to the Claymore.

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