Logo-chinaGenerals Promotion unlocks available to commanders of the People's Republic of China.

One Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
Radio Intercepts
- - Allows the interception of enemy transmissions.
  • Reveals enemy combat units for a short time.
  • Deploy from: Command Center
Mass Mobilization
- - Mobilize platoons and tank divisions.
Tactical Nuclear Weapons
- - Permission to deploy tactical nuclear weapons.\n\n
Breakthrough Strategy
- - Requests heavy armour for a decisive breakthrough.
  • Unlocks Overlord.

Three Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
Cluster Mines
4:00 - Call in a Shaanxi Y-8 to deploy minefield by air. Deploy from: Command Center
Cash Hack
3:00 - Steal money from enemy supply centers.
  • Deploy from: Command Center
Artillery Barrage
5:00 - Allows the calling of an off-map artillery barrage.
  • Rank 1: 12 Shells
  • Rank 2: 24 Shells
  • Rank 3: 36 Shells
  • Deploy from: Command Center
ECM Burst
3:30 - Call in a Xian H-8 to deploy a ECM flare bomb.
  • Jams enemy missile weapons.
  • Draws fire of enemy anti-air weapons.
  • Rank 1: 20 seconds, small radius
  • Rank 2: 30 seconds, medium radius
  • Rank 3: 50 seconds, large radius
  • Deploy from: Command Center
3:00 - Allows the inspiring of units into a frenzy.
  • Temporarily increases the damage they inflict.
  • Rank 1: 40%+ Damage for 25 seconds
  • Rank 2: 40%+ Damage for 50 seconds
  • Rank 3: 40%+ Damage for 100 seconds
  • Deploy from: Command Center
Urgent Aid
4:00 - Provides immediate aid in a target area.
  • Heals infantry and repair units and structures.
  • Rank 1: 5 seconds of aid
  • Rank 2: 10 seconds of aid
  • Rank 3: 20 seconds of aid
  • Deploy from: Command Center

Five Star GeneralEdit

General Power Cooldown Game-play Impact
EMP Pulse
4:00 - Call in a Xian H-8 to drop a powerful EMP bomb.
  • Disables vehicles and structures.
  • Deploy from: Command Center
Napalm Strike
6:00 - Call in three Xian H-6 to conduct massive napalm strike.
  • Deploy from: Command Center

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