Building Cost Requires Power Description
Gattling cannon icon
Gattling Cannon
$900 Nuclear Reactor -3 Anti-infantry/anti-air base defense.
  • Armed with a dual gattling cannons.
    • Can attack ground and air targets.
    • Firing rate increases over time.
  • Can be upgraded with mines.
Speaker tower icon
Speaker Tower
$500 Nuclear Reactor -1 Support base defense.
  • Broadcasts propaganda to heal friendly units and increase their firing rate.
  • Can be upgraded with mines and to an ECM Jammer Tower or a Sensor Tower.
Bunker icon
$500 Propaganda Center 0 Garrison base defense.
  • Can be garrisoned by 5 infantry.
    • Garrisoned infantry can fire from within.
    • Immune to garrison clearing weapons.
  • Can be upgraded with mines.

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