Unit Cost Produced at Requires Description
Interceptor mig icon
MiG Fighter
$1000 Chinese Airfield None Multirole fighter jet.
  • Armed with four flak missiles.
    • Can attack ground and air targets.
Han gunship icon
Han Gunship
$1500 Chinese Airfield Propaganda Center Heavy attack helicopter.
  • Armed with rapid-firing cannons.
  • Can be upgraded with EMP, Napalm or Nuclear (General's Promotion) weapon loadouts.
Propaganda airship icon
Propaganda Airship
$1200 Chinese Airfield Propaganda Center


Breeder Reactor
Support airship.
  • Armed with gattling guns.
  • Broadcasts propaganda to heal nearby friendly units and increase their firing rate.
  • Can inspire friendly units to a killing frenzy.
Hellfire mig icon
MiG Bomber
$1300 Chinese Airfield Breeder Reactor Bomber jet.
  • Armed with two napalm bombs.
    • Can cause firestorms in large groups (upgrade).