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Chemical Lab
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Time to brew another batch!

Global Liberation Army


- Mobile Command Truck hideout
- Tier 2 research building





Build time


Produced by



Black Market


- Unlocks Tier 2 GLA units and structures


Evacuate Mobile Command Truck

The Chemical Lab is where the GLA researches all their chemicals and their more advanced military arsenal.


The Chemical Lab unlocks Tier 2 technologies after it has been built. Here, defected scientists work on improving the GLA's arsenal by means of internal research and ordinance modifications. In addition, it is also a very sturdy structure which can be used to shelter the vital, yet vulnerable Command Trucks in the event of a heavy assault, general power attack or superweapon strike. Due to the scarcity of dedicated scientific personnel, every cell may only maintain one laboratory at a time.

Structure descriptionEdit

The Chemical Lab is the structure used to unlock Tier 2 technologies. The Chemical Lab is used for researching vital upgrades and can be used as a shelter for the Mobile Command Truck. In case of a superweapon strike, the MCT can hide inside the Chemical Lab, protecting it from the superweapon blast since the Chemical Lab is built to withstand one. When the MCT is inside the Chemical Lab, the Radar is deployed from the Lab, but this removes it's ability to become camouflaged by the GPS Scrambler Station. The Chemical Lab is one of the few structures that can't transport units in a tunnel network.


  • The Chemical Lab is still referenced to as Palace in the game files. The Palace was a GLA structure in the original Zero Hour that had largely the same purpose and role as the Chemical Lab.
  • Researching Escalation is no longer needed to reach Tier 2 or to build a Chemical Lab, as it has been removed in version 1.86.
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