All systems go!
- Chaparral emerging from the War Factory
Chap 1

The Chaparral Surface-to-Air missile system is a heavy anti aircraft vehicle used by the United States of America.

Yes sir!

United States of America
- Tank Command


- Heavy Anti-Air




- AIM-120E SLAMRAAM Missiles


- No



Build time


Produced by

- War Factory


- Armored Company
- Strategy Center

Hot key


Elite ability

- Repair itself


- Gen. Bradley Exclusive for v2.0

Chaparral Upgrades

Advanced Training


Got 'em in my sight!
- Chaparral preparing to engage enemy aircraft

The Chaparral SAM system is back from its retirement in the 90’s and even though the frame is mostly unchanged it is now packing AIM-120E SLAMRAAM (Surface-Launched Advanced Medium-Range Anti-Air Missile) missiles. Not only do the new missiles boost performance over the old Sidewinders, but their proven design makes the Chaparral an anti-air platform that can be easily manufactured and that is highly reliable.

The Chaparral is known for three things: precision, firepower and long range. Once a target is locked on and the missile is fired there is no escape for its prey. If your Raptors are not enough then what you need is a Chaparral. It will keep your skies safe and will seriously discourage future air incursions from your enemy. An on-the-fly reloading system means it never needs to pause firing to reinstall a new set of missiles - not that anything will normally ever survive long enough against its ready-to-fire AIM-120E missiles anyway.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Oh yeah, come to papa!
- Chaparral attacking

The Chaparral is actually nothing more than a moving missile launcher; it does not have any anti-ground weaponry save for instances when you upgrade it with battle drones.

To aircraft, it is surely a major hinderence when a group of these can cut down an impending airstrike, before they deploy their munitions.

The Chaparral can constantly launch missiles on targeted aircraft and few could ever survive 1-2 of them; However the Su-47 Berkut (with its evasive maneuvers) and the Harrier (with it's chaff countermeasures) could theoretically survive, but it is pure luck if it could outmaneuver three Chaparrals.

Other USA aircraft such as the Raptor and the Nighthawk could temporarily survive with their countermeasures. Given to its range and quick veterancy rate, it should bring down light-armored helicopters rather quickly whereas heavier armored ones might be able to withstand the punishment longer.

The Chaparral also is more mobile than most other heavy AA units from other factions, being able to fire while on the move. This is especially useful when attempting to avoid Sokols as they are more than capable of taking out Chaparrals before they're destroyed by the missiles.

Despite the power and range of these missiles, they travel quite quickly, similar to the Russian Grumble. However, they may be intercepted by other anti-air units and defenses.


  • The Chaparral previously had a reload function in place after 4 shots had been fired, but this has since been removed.
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