TOS-1 Buratino


  • Medium artillery
  • Anti-garrison

220mm thermobaric rockets



Hit points


Armor type


Sight radius




Speed (land)

30 (25 when critically damaged)



Build time


Produced by

Russian War Factory


Weapon Bunker



Ground attack

65-40 (FLAME)

  • 4000 (burst mode)
  • 100 (between shots), 12000 (reload after 6 shots) (barrage mode)
Attack range

220, minimum 50, radius 15-30 (radius 15-40 in barrage mode)


Compression Missile Engines

  • Clear garrisoned structures
  • Ground Attack
  • Deploy Smoke Screen
  • Burst Fire Mode
  • Barrage Fire Mode
Elite ability



Leaves a recoverable wreck when destroyed

It's going to be very bright, very soon...!
- Buratino
Buratino icon
The TOS-1 "Buratino" is Russia's Tier 1 short range artillery unit. It is capable of launching multiple thermobaric rocket simultaneously for powerful area of effect (AoE) bombardment at short range.

The Buratino is capable of providing powerful, close range fire support from behind Russia's robust tank columns and its rockets are also capable of clearing garrisons.


Even though it is technically a multiple launch rocket system, the TOS-1, comically dubbed the Buratino by the Russian military, is actually a large, mobile flamethrower. The vehicle packs a total of 38 launch barrels, each one armed with a powerful 220mm thermobaric rocket. This allows the Buratino to lay down a rapid barrage of fuel-air explosives that incinerate enemy light vehicles and foot soldiers, including those who seek shelter inside a fortified position.


Ability Description
Bombard area icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.
Deploy smoke screen icon
Deploy Smoke Screen
Launch four smoke grenades in front of the vehicle, creating a smokescreen that lasts for 3.5 seconds and make nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen if they are not firing at something else. 30 seconds cooldown.
Buratino burst fire mode
Burst Fire Mode
Fire bursts of 2 rockets with a short delay between each burst.
Buratino barrage fire mode
Barrage Fire Mode
Fire bursts of 6 rockets with a long delay between each burst.


Although it looks like an artillery unit, the Buratino is in fact an anti infantry unit in the same class as the Dragon Tank (the role of light artillery unit in the Russian army is done by the Weasel) Unlike most of the other factions' anti-garrison unit, the TOS-1 Buratino is a short range artillery instead of a directional weapon system. It uses thermobaric warheads to clear garrisons.

The main advantage of the Buratino over the anti-garrison vehicles of other factions is that since it uses rockets as its means of delivery, it can get boosted by the Compression Missile Engines upgrade, giving it much better range. It has two fire options. The first fires 2 rockets, allowing it to fire quickly but doing less damage with every salvo. The second fires about 6 rockets, but takes longer to reload, but deals more damage over the area. For anti-garrison jobs, the short barrage is the better option, as it allows the Buratino to target another structure quickly. However, for large unit groups in the open, it is best to use the large barrage to get the whole group.



  • Can clear garrisons
  • Can fire rockets at constant or barrage rate
  • Longer range than tanks
  • Vehicle wreck can be recovered


  • Less range than other artillery vehicles
  • Rockets are not effective against armored targets
  • Vulnerable to aircraft


When created

  • Need some crowd control?

When selected

  • Get a fire ball that needs taking care of.
  • Thermobaric — aaahhh! I love that word!
  • Need a light, comraaade?!
  • I'm all fired up!
  • Buratino here.
  • Rocket flamer, checking in!
  • 38 rockets of thermobaric goodness!
  • It's a beautiful thing.
  • It's all fun and games... until we have to reload.

When moving

  • Good plan, comrade.
  • On the way, General.
  • About damn time!
  • Buratino repositioning!
  • Come on, come on!
  • Da, rockets on the move.
  • Smoking!
  • Fine, I'm moving!

When ordered to use Burst Fire Mode

  • Set to dual rocket mode.
  • No one likes burnt meat.
  • 38 barrels? And I can only fire two at the time?!

When ordered to use Barrage Fire Mode

  • Saturation barrel ready!
  • I like mine... well done!
  • Even more fireballs!

When ordered to attack

  • Firing salvo!
  • Burn them into a crisp!
  • Just add spices!
  • Target locked!
  • Unleashing rockets!
  • It gonna very bright, very soon...!
  • Reduce them to cinders!
  • Torch the whole area!
  • Burn, baby, BURN!


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