EU BulldogsFiring
Bulldog Turret
EU BulldogTurret

- European Continental Alliance
- Royal Guard General Willem
in 2.0 Only


3-Star General Power


- Dual Gatling Guns
- Multi Rocket Pods
- Anti-Air Missile Pods




General Point


Deploy or Retract

Bulldog Turret

Structure Armor

The Bulldog, Royal Guard General Willem's call-in pop-up turret, is an advanced and automated defense structure.


The Bulldog is a fully self-automated defensive emplacement developed and used by the Royal Netherlands Army. Taking inspirations from the hidden fortifications of Switzerland as well as the historical Maginot line of France, these turrets have been placed alongside key strategic locations in many European countries, ready to pop out of the ground and engage hostile invaders upon activation by senior command. Depending on the operational clearance of the commander in charge, the Bulldog can deploy its weapons according to three operational routines: The most basic mode, dubbed 'Argus' after the faithful dog of Odysseus, uses its dual 20mm gatling guns to riddle enemy footsoldiers and light vehicles. The second mode, named after the two-headed dog 'Orthus', adds a set of shaped-charge rocket launchers for use against armoured targets. Finally, the third and most powerful mode, named 'Cerberus' after the three-headed canine guardian of the underworld, uses both previous weapons in addition to a set of vertically launched surface-to-air missiles. This allows the Bulldog Turret to defeat a variety of threats and it can also be ordered to retract into its underground shelter to repair and conceal itself after an attack, making it useful as an ambush weapon by itself or as a component of a defensive line.


The Bulldog is a 3-star general call-in power. Available in three levels, the Bulldog can be deployed anywhere on the map where there is sufficient room. Level 1 only has dual machine guns, quite effective against infantry. At level 2 it gets upgraded with rocket pods as well, able to take down the fearsomest adversaries. At level 3 it gains anti-air missile pods, able to defend against air units as well. The Bulldog can retract into the ground and become hidden, only detected by stealth detection units.

The Bulldog, when not needed somewhere else, can de deployed in front of your defensive lines. Being relatively low in profile, most defense structures of the ECA will shoot right over it. It can also be deployed inside the enemy's base, causing havoc before it gets destroyed. If a Bulldog turret is no longer needed, it can be manually destroyed by the push of a button.

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