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The Breeder Reactor is China's tier 2 advancement structure.


A haven for Chinese military nuclear physicists, the Breeder Reactor enables the latest in nuclear technology. It also provides a large surplus of power for the commanders in the field. China takes great pride in these structures and they are a symbol of their nuclear might and of their march onwards to victory.


Add-on Description
Land mines icon
Land Mines
Lays a minefield around the building that explodes when an enemy steps on it, causing 100 to 50 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 5 to 10. Triggered mines are replaced after 20 seconds.

Costs $400 and takes 12 seconds to complete.


A great source of energy and an even greater source of concern for environmentalists worldwide, the Breeder Reactor is the second most powerful power plant in the battlefield (second only to the Solar Reactor). The power output should be sufficient for most bases, but Generals may want to keep a few Nuclear Reactors around regardless. The Breeder Reactor is also where tier-2 upgrades are researched. It should be noted however that the structure will explode violently and leave radiation behind if destroyed, and it has significantly less armor than most tier 2 structures: it will not survive a superweapon hit.

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