Bradley 1

"IFV Ready!"

Bradley IFV
American Bradley 2
"Bradley" IFV

United States of America
- Tank Command




- 25mm chain gun
- TOW Missile Launcher x2
- Point Defence Laser





Transport slots






Build time


Produced by

War Factory


Detention Camp;
Armored Company GP Unlock


- Information as of RotR v1.8.0.2

Bradley Upgrades

- Battle Drone
- Targeteer Drone


- Advanced Training
- Composite Armor

We can make adjustments!
- Bradley IFV

A versatile, multi-role vehicle, the Bradley IFV fulfills a variety of roles, capable of transporting infantry, taking on infantry or vehicles, and providing protection from missiles.


Made for speed!
- Bradley IFV

The Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, one of the Army's mainstay combat vehicles since the 1980s made a return as the M2A4: While the basic frame of the vehicle remained largely unchanged, the new version was equipped with an improved 25mm chain gun, advanced TOW missile launchers, modular composite armor and, most notably, the same point-defense anti-missile laser (PDL) that was successfully introduced and field-tested by the Paladin Tank, making the "new" Bradley an ideal supplement in combined arms mechanized warfare thanks to its mobility, firepower, protection and infantry transport capabilities.

Several months after the United States entered World War III, the Bradley were suddenly mothballed as it was believed its roles were already filled by the Humvee and Paladin. General Jeremiah Bradley, though, was livid over the short-sightedness of the Pentagon, and continued using the vehicle despite orders from command to scrap the redundant vehicles and use Humvees and Paladins instead.

Unit DescriptionEdit

It's a sure shot!
- Bradley IFV attacking

The Bradley's main use is that of a troop transport, similarly to the Humvee - unlike that vehicle however, the Bradley may switch between anti-personnel and anti-vehicle weapons at any moment, making it more versatile, and is also equipped with a Point Defense Laser like the Avenger, so it can serve as an effective replacement for the Avenger should a General have to face off against more ground-based enemies than aerial ones. Being an IFV, it is also able to transport up to four infantry units, and for example four Missile Defenders may really come in handy if the need for a better punch against tanks or light anti-air support arises. Its performance is at its best when it is used alongside other vehicles or infantry as a support unit, and although more heavily armored than the Humvee, it isn't as fast and will still easily fall prey to Kodiaks or Shock Troopers. And although it is able to shoot down some enemy missiles, it has absolutely no defense against units such as Hans.


  • The Bradley IFV uses currently the voice set of the IFV from Red Alert 2.
  • It strongly reminiscent of the Bradley from Act of War gameplay-wise, although the ROTR version has a Point Defense Laser while the AOW Bradley does not.
  • The Bradley IFV was made unbuildable in version 1.85 since the Humvee made it redundant. It will return in 2.0 as an exclusive for Tank Command General Bradley.

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