Boris has arrived!
- Boris heading to the front

Boris Bikov is the hero of the Russian Federation.


A renowned hero within the Russian armed forces, Boris' stealth training makes him invisible unless he attacks an enemy or is spotted by an enemy detector unit. Before entering the battlefield, he is allowed to choose between two weapon packs from the Barracks. Only one kit can be selected for Boris, and once selected, Boris will only be able to use the selected kit. As standard, Boris is also equipped with a laser designator to call in air strikes to soften hardened positions. Boris can designate a target for 2-3 MiG bombers to fly in and bomb the target area with 4-6 high explosive incendiary bombs. However, during the designation phase, Boris is unstealthed and is vulnerable to attack.


The player must choose either the Machine Gun Loadout or the RPG Launcher Loadout before training Boris. The decision is permanent for the rest of the battle, so the selection must be considered wisely.


Ability Description
Boris bikov mig airstrike icon
MiG Airstrike
Designate an enemy structure for an airstrike carried out by several MiG Bombers depending on Boris' veterancy level (2 in Regular, 3 in Veteran, 4 in Elite and 5 in Heroic) in a distance of 150 to 320, with the process taking 5 seconds to complete. 20 seconds cooldown.
Boris bikov stimpacks icon
Use an emergency stimpack to completely recover Boris' health without revealing him. 40 seconds cooldown.


Boris is the only stealthed unit available to the Russian Federation. He is a straightforward, offensive hero aimed at directly damaging enemy units.


  • Stealthed unless attacking
  • Machine gun can attack both air and ground targets
  • RPG Launcher does heavy damage to tanks
  • Can auto-heal (when upgraded)
  • Can use Medical Kit to instantly heal to full health
  • Can designate ground targets for MiG airstrike
  • MiG bombers cannot be attacked by enemy
  • Grants temporary Camaraderie fire-rate buff to allied infantry when unit dies, and receives it when allies fall

  • Only Russian stealthed unit
  • Once acquired, weapon loadout cannot be changed
  • Machine gun does less damage to heavy armored vehicles
  • RPG Launcher cannot attack aircraft
  • Reveals himself when using laser designator
  • Only one can be trained at a time


Boris reuses the namesake unit's voiceset in Yuri's Revenge.


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