Bombardment Beach is a 2-player map for Rise of the Reds, originally created for the vanilla Zero Hour.


This coastal map features some sandy beaches as well as some mountainous areas. It is notable in that its layout is relatively asymmetrical. Players start in sandy areas where there is lots of room to build, however they should be careful because there are many entrances to each base and if the player isn't careful in guarding them all, enemies may easily sneak in undetected. The crossroads in the middle will ensure constant encounters between enemy armies and the supplies and tech buildings located in the west may result in an eventual shift of the area of combat. There are some huts that can be garrisoned, however due to their extremely low armor they will be ineffective at defending against enemy units.

Tech buildings



  • In the original Zero Hour version of this map, there used to be a Tech Reinforcement Pad in the middle, but it is removed in Rise of the Reds.