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The Bloodhound is a scout unit used by the European Continental Alliance.


The Bloodhound is a Panhard VBL equipped for scout operations. It utilizes infrared and sonic scanners to detect even the most well-concealed infiltrators and is armed with a 20mm autocannon (compatible with anti-personnel flechette rounds and standard rounds) and anti-personnel fragmentation grenades to eliminate threats. Reasonably well armored versus small arms and artillery fragments, it relies on chaff dispensers to evade anti-tank missiles. Fortunately, the chaff dispensers can also be used to shield heavier targets from missiles, making the Bloodhound a valuable addition to ECA armored divisions.


Ability Description
Leopard tank ap rounds icon
Standard Rounds
Use standard rounds for the autocannon.
Leopard tank shredder rounds icon
Canister Rounds
Use canister rounds for the autocannon effective against infantry with large radius and reduced effectiveness against vehicles.

Requires Canister Rounds.



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