• Dynamo128

    Well, there have been significant improvements to article pages in the past months I would say - now there is almost no page that looks completely unfinished, although many are still lacking sensible unit descriptions - but that will come later. Nonetheless, I think it's fair to outline a few ideas regarding the wiki: first off I have noticed that many people have been adding quotes to the respective unit pages. Although this is a good idea in theory, personally I am not a fan of the current system and I would rather have something akin to the Starcraft Unit Quotations page, where quotes are stored separately using a nice template. Second, I've started a few articles on skirmish maps: any help in getting more of these done would be appreci…

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  • KnossosOfficial


    December 29, 2013 by KnossosOfficial

    I fail at creating one.

    O great masters of this wiki, I implore you, teach this poor novice your ways of making templates.

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  • KnossosOfficial

    Wiki overhaul

    November 30, 2013 by KnossosOfficial

    Due to the surprising amount of pages that were ripped from Fallout Studios, I hereby recommend an overhaul of said pages.

    I will try to overhaul some of the pages myself; however, I need help for I could not get them all.



    Lore from FSDB:

    Interceptor MiG

    Hellfire MiG

    Overlord (with very slight tweaks)

    Han Gunship

    Twin Fang

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  • Talonek

    To be, or not to be.

    January 23, 2013 by Talonek

    That is the statement.

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