Blackout Node
Russian Blackout Node

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Among of the most lucrative military systems the Russian Federation has ever fielded, the Blackout Node serves as a crucial part of the Russian war machine.


Complete with satellite blinders, radar jammers and microwave scatter devices, the Blackout Node is one of the latest fruits from the Federation’s labor in anti-intelligence warfare. The Blackout Node sends extremely volatile signals that jam communications and sensors such as infrared and radiowave finders, making the whole area appear as if it was a void of space. These are rumored to have kept the European Continental Army unaware of the build-up of Russian forces along the border, however, some analysts have tried to debunk this assertion.

Abilities Edit

The Blackout Node will black out a circular section of the map for the enemy. Superweapons will not be concealed by the blackout nodes. Russian Missile Silos and deployed Topol-Ms when armed will also be visible to the enemy. S-300 Grumbles and other units that fire will also temporarily be visible to the enemy.


  • The Blackout Node has no effect on AI players.
  • The Blackout Node was originally tier 5 then was recently changed to tier 3, swapping with the Russian Armor Reserves.
    • In 1.851, the Blackout Node was changed from tier 3 to tier 1, swapping with the ICBM Clearance.
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