BH 1
Let's crash the party!
- Blackhawk
Blackhawk Overview

United States of America
- Special Operations General Thorn


Airborne Personnel Transport




Minigun x1



Transport slots




Produced by


Hot key



- Pre-loaded with 8 Rangers.
- The 8 Rangers inside can benefit from Veteran Company

Blackhawk Upgrades

- Advanced Training
- Countermeasures


Combat Drop

The American Blackhawk is a reliable transport helicopter, flown by aircrew assigned to General Thorn. Armed with a door-mounted minigun, it excels at engaging enemy personnel and light vehicles while relocating up to eight combat infantry.


The American Blackhawk has operated in many scenarios all over the globe and has proven time and time again it is an excellent transport helicopter. Not only can it sweep the landing zone clean, it can also lay down a barrage of covering fire for its passengers. The Blackhawk tactical transport helicopter is the army's unrequited quintessence of infantry insertion deep into enemy territory.

During the war on the GLA, the multifunctional Chinook helicopters had been used to this same end. However this unarmed and expensive helicopter sustained heavy losses to enemy RPGs and Stingers. With the Osprey being impractical due to the fact that it, too, is unarmed, the Blackhawk was uncovered and reassigned to the army of General Thorn to guarantee enemy inquietude. It mounts an anti infantry minigun and arrives with eight rangers ready for aerial insertion.


This helicopter comes pre-loaded with 8 Rangers. It is one of the most heavily armored transports in the game, able to withstand plenty of fire before deploying its troops. Unlike the unarmed Osprey, the Blackhawk is also capable of providing supporting fire with its minigun, which can take out infantry and light vehicles with ease. However, the Blackhawk is the more expensive of the two helicopters, due to the extra cost of training its passengers. It also has a slower production time.


The Blackhawk excels at transporting infantry and clearing garrisoned buildings. Just like the Osprey, it is capable of performing combat drops in conjunction with Rangers, who can clear garrisoned units by rappeling down the garrisoned structures. Unlike it, however, the Blackhawk is loaded with 8 Rangers from the start.

Furthermore, the Blackhawk is armed with a side minigun, which can engage infantry and light vehicles effectively. It can tear through large groups of infantry within seconds.

Blackhawks are heavily armored, allowing them to destroy light anti-air vehicle and infantry and survive their counterattack. The Countermeasures upgrade further increases its survivability.


The Blackhawk's minigun is useless against armored vehicles, tanks and structures. It is vulnerable against anti-air weapons, be it in the form of base defenses, heavy AA units or groups of light AA vehicles. It also lacks the ability to combat other air units, making it easy picking for enemy fighters.


When created Edit

  • Let's crash the party!

When selected Edit

  • U.S Transport!
  • Awaiting orders!
  • Blackhawk ready!
  • Property of U.S of A!
  • Transport chopper!
  • Hearing you loud and clear!

When ordered to move Edit

  • Moving to LZ!
  • Coordinates received
  • Flying overhead.
  • Over and out.

When ordered to engage Edit

  • This one's for the highlight reel.
  • Eat lead!
  • Target located!
  • We got 'em!
  • Man the guns!

When using combat drop Edit

  • Combat drop in motion.
  • Good luck out there.
  • GO GO GO!

When shot down Edit

  • Blackhawk down! Blackhawk down!
  • Going down!
  • We're hit!
  • Losing altitude!
  • Mayday, mayday!
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