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The Blackbear is an exceptionally powerful variant of the Sentinel Tank employed by the Russian Federation.






The Blackbear is the ultimate Russian tank, expanding upon the already tremendous armor and firepower of the original Sentinel Tank but instead coming with both of its addons already built in, and a significant buff in firepower and rate of fire. The Blackbear's main cannon can obliterate almost any vehicle or light tank in a single shot, and the superior rate of fire of its cannon means that anything which manages to survive its first shot will more often than not be unable to escape in time before the rest of the barrage arrives. The Blackbear is trained by default as Veteran and by default loads standard high explosive shells which are devastating against any armor, but not ideal against masses of infantry - for this purpose the Blackbear can instead load and fire a thermobaric shell in its cannon, which results in a firey explosion that will blow away entire infantry divisions. To further protect itself against enemies, it is also equipped with a missile pod which fires significantly larger and stronger projectiles than the Sentinel's own, but at a slightly lower rate of fire. Additionally, it also comes not only with a built in Arena system to deflect incoming attacks but also with the fearsome Shtora Defence System, made popular by the Golem Tank, which will make the tank briefly untargetable by enemy units, granting it even more survivability.

Do note though that even with all its perks, the Blackbear is by no means invincible and it is best used to lead tank divisions and anti air units into combat, rather than being employed as a lone warrior. Ultimately it can be overwhelmed by too many enemy forces, and is still vulnerable to aircraft and artillery.




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