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GLA BlackMarket
Black Market
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Global Liberation Army





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Arms Dealer

The GLA does not only buy weapons, they sell them as well. When a weapon is not needed, it goes to the local black market, where GLA contacts have established a good foundation of arms dealing, buying and anything related to money.


The Black Market unlocks the GLA's tier-1 technologies and provides them with a number of useful upgrades as well as a steady stream of income. In addition, it is the place where GLA leaders put out bounties on enemy soldiers, allowing every cell to gain additional funds for destroying the enemy upon construction of a Black Market. However, due to the growing importance and interconnection of Black Market activities, every cell may only operate one such facility at a time lest they spark too much attention from international law enforcement agencies.

Structure descriptionEdit

The Black Market is the GLA's first tech structure. Built only once, the Black Market provides a steady stream of income, and a couple of upgrades increases the amount earned. The Black Market also has some of the less crucial upgrades, such as Worker Shoes and Junk Repair, but also one of the most important: Cash Bounties. The Black Market unlocks tier-1 units and structures, and leads to the Escalation upgrade and is thus needed if the player wants to progress further. The Black Market is one of the few GLA structures that is not a Tunnel Network.

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