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Tahar Ibrahiim is the GLA Bio Command General known for his dastardly attack on the Rhine and controlling the Black Mamba Cell, which contains GLA's advanced Anthrax-based weaponry and is rumored to have access to thermite-based and viral weaponry.


Having grown up in the derelict Banlieues of Paris, the man who is nowadays known as Ibrahiim was never a stranger to the brutality of class struggle.

During his lost youth, he sought contact to one of the local crime gangs which led to his first ventures into the realm of chemistry while working in a crude, ramshackle drug lab. When the Global Liberation Army detonated a nuclear bomb in Beijing in 2019, the ensuing conflict across Central Asia and the Middle East sent shockwaves all around the world which manifested themselves in the form of a new economic crisis. After the demise of Greece, Italy, Spain and several others in the 2010s, it was now France that found itself threatened by a total financial meltdown and to the massive chagrin of Ibrahiim and countless others who had already known the harsh reality behind the lies of economic growth propagated by the mass-media, it was once again the major banks who reaped the benefits of a multi-billion Euro bailout because their reckless business schemes had been deemed "relevant to the system" - A system that Ibrahiim swore to smash into pieces to liberate the proletariat from the shackles of the global financial sharks.

When the GLA launched its violent incursion into Germany a few years later, he took the initiative and impressed the legendary Deathstrike with his self-attained skills in chemistry and revolutionary street fighting by staging a spectacular night-raid on a German chemical/pharmaceutics company. A few days later, several tons of toxic substances were dumped into the Lower Rhine, polluting much of the Rhine/Ruhr river system in an unparalleled ecological disaster that left several German cities, including Bonn, Cologne and Duesseldorf uninhabitable until at least 2060.

Now, with the GLA once again reborn in Africa, Ibrahiim is in charge of the organisation's drug business while keeping alive the legacy of the brilliant Dr. Thrax.



  • Viral Infiltrator



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