You there! Come along with us!
- Battle Bus
Battle bus icon
The Battle Bus is an armored public bus utilized as an assault transport by General Yusuuf.


We will not be stopped!
- Battle Bus moving

One of the different tactics the GLA used during their days of warmongering in the 21st century was the use of heavy anti-Western and anti-capitalist propaganda in major population centers. The poor, the workers, the homeless and the local dissidents picked up arms for the GLA's cause and fought for them all over Central Asia. The most prominent fighting were the infamous "Astana Riots", where the city was practically reduced to rubble thanks to the fanatical Abdul bin Yusuuf's propaganda. One of the ways the angry rioteers were so successful was because they hijacked local transportation and used them as makeshift infantry fighting vehicles, with rugged armor plating and reinforced windows attached.

One of the interesting things discovered during the later years of the war was that these so-called 'battle buses' didn't just serve as great transportation but also as a very good makeshift defense. When a Battle Bus' wheels were destroyed, they were simply immobilized and turned into bunkers. The GLA raiders inside kept on fighting even though their transportation was dead. Later the next decade, when Anwar Sulaymaan came to power in the GLA, he believed the Battle Buses were hawkish and rubbish at best. But, Yusuuf was still positive as it was a much more economical and a better answer to Sulaymaan's proposition to purchase real IFVs.


Ability Description
Battle bus disguise as vehicle icon
Disguise as Vehicle
Disguises the Battle Bus as the target vehicle. The disguise will be lost if the Battle Bus attacks or is seen by an enemy detector.


We'll turn them to soup!
- Battle Bus attacking

The Battle Bus is yet another example of GLA's desperate tactics or cunning improvisation depending on how you see it. Its basically a large bus fitted with scrap armor. It can carry up to eight battle ready troops, who do not hesitate to fire out of the bus's open windows without giving any regard to their own safety. Surprisingly after the bus sustains critical damage, it simply loses its ability to move and acts as a stationary bunker until it is completely destroyed. Like the Observation Van and Bomb Truck they can disguise as any selected vehicle.


The Battle Bus is the closest the GLA has to an infantry fighting vehicle. It should be garrisoned by a mixture of infantry, such as Rebels, Tunnel Defenders and maybe even Jarmen Kell. As with the vanilla 'Generals' Humvee, the infantry inside can fire from inside the vehicle, making it an excellent hit-and-run unit. If accompanied by tanks and other vehicles it can deal massive damage to the enemy. A good combination is using Rebels and Tunnel Defenders, as then it is effective against nearly all other units. The only real threat to the Bus is artillery, since no garrisonable GLA infantry has artillery range. They can disguise as any vehicle, which mean they can unexpectedly do a sneak attack upon the enemy's base or army when disguised as an enemy vehicle.

When a Battle Bus is destroyed, it will fly into the air and then hit the ground, only having lost its wheels. The infantry inside take slight damage but still survive and keep on firing. Should the infantry evacuate the immobilized vehicle the Bus will remain for a short time before it self-destructs.


By itself the Battle Bus' only weapon is its ability to run over infantry. A good way to take out the Bus should it be packed with infantry is simply overwhelming it, or using artillery. They also don't have that much protection against anti-infantry units such as Dragon or Tesla Tanks.


The Battle Bus reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Zero Hour.



  • The Battle Bus is one of the few transports in Rise of the Reds that allows the occupants to fire from within. The only known vehicle to share this distinction is the Mishka.