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The ECA Barracks is the main training center and living quarters for the European infantry.


Despite their small dimensions, these pre-fabricated structures contain the most vital facilities for ECA infantry operations, including well protected (if somewhat cramped) living quarters for several soldiers, a sizeable stock of small arms and provisions and an infirmary capable of dealing with all the most common injuries. Since the Europeans often set up their bases in close proximity to the cities they are defending, every Barracks is also equipped with a small, permanently occupied recruitment office in which volunteers can enlist to do their part at any time.


Ability Description
Danger close barrage icon
Danger Close Barrage
Fire a barrage of 6 artillery shells at the structure's position. Each shell causes 100 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 and additional 100 to 30 GATTLING damage over a radius of 50 to 80. With Cluster Munitions, the shells also release 4 cluster bomblets on impact, each causing 12.5 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 20. 150 seconds cooldown.



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